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  1. Ismal

    WTB AE86 kouki Right Hand side Mirror ( Electric)

    ​As freaking Trucky smash mine :mad:; after kouki Right Hand side Mirror ( Electric). willing to buy a pair . let me know plz, or txt me 0450 862 819 cheers isuru
  2. Ismal

    GTS (US) Lights vs JDM TRUENO

    Would like to know GTS TRUENO Headlights are same as JDM TRUENO (APX) ? ( i mean whole headlight unit from front cut) are they interchangeable ?
  3. Ismal

    Harmonic Damper (bhj dynamics)

    i'm think about getting this..... would like to know is there any advantage over T3 and other light weight pulleys. any one using it in their motor ? thnx ppl.
  4. Ismal

    Wheel Bearing Kit Timkem

    Would like to know where i can get them from? only i can find TimKen Front Baring kit (Part KIT2900- Ebay) But no Rear kit....(KIT4090????) Did fair bit of a search but couldn't find anything. IF someone can help it would be really great :)
  5. Ismal

    E bay Bonnet

    Don't know is this the right section to ask this.... if not plz move it . any one know these ppl p.r.c_autostyling after this......
  6. Ismal


    I know few ppl selling them in Ebay....... any one sell them in here? can i get them from Toyota?
  7. Ismal

    4age rocker covers

    Let me know.. Prefer Melb.
  8. Ismal

    Trueno Bonnet

    After FRP or Carbon (genuine NO Copies).......... Not in hurry . let me knw anyone selling.
  9. Ismal


    from whom can i get (import) aero (J-blood, runfree , jubiride) for reasonable shipping ? (jesse won't do aero any more )
  10. Ismal

    seat belt won't retract

    As mentioned some times it does some times really slow; problem is it's drivers side so I'm bit concern about it. is there anyway i can fix it or where i can get Brand new set ?
  11. Ismal


    Apart from T3 any other ppl selling them?
  12. Ismal

    Radiator ( koyo)

    Where i can get one in aus without importing from jap? (genuine dealer, not Ebay)
  13. Ismal

    Idle drops with Load

    Hey ppl I got this new problem with my car now… Every time when it’s hot around over 30c car’s idle playing up. starts happening last few months.... it was fine till hot summer kicks in .... It’s freshly rebuild motor (272 cams) with ITBs (eagle vacuum box too) and adaptronic. Got 82c...
  14. Ismal

    T3 Small port Throttle Body Adapter

    So let me knw ; Local prefer VIC; or not will pay for postage. And yes i txt to sootie.
  15. Ismal

    4AGE Package

    Looking for 4age engine + loom prefer Big-port; Doesn't matter the condition of motor blown etc..... prefer in Melb; but for right price will pay for freight.
  16. Ismal

    The Real Deal and
  17. Ismal

    Low Temp Thermostat

    Hey guys found out my thermostat is not working properly , some times kept open ...(giving all the idle troubles...) I was think buying a Low temp one 68c is it too low comparing with 85c ? ( i think OEM) any one running Low temp Thermo? or should i order OEM one ? Car is gonna be daily and...
  18. Ismal

    Idle Problem with ITBS

    This is my new problem ; every time temp drops below 60c with head lights on car stalls ( only when it's idling when driving it's fine) , i also install Idle control valve from AE92 but nothing has change. normally it idles at 1200-1000 after warm up . nothing wrong in wiring. Alternator is good...
  19. Ismal

    Some Fun
  20. Ismal

    FT-86 N1 Twins.....