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  1. Beau

    [FS] Good AE86 Stuff!!

    Items: 1. Gilly/Madhouse adjustable rose jointed trailing arms/4 link in good condition. 2. Cusco strut brace, non adjustable, strut tops painted black. - WILL NOT FIT KE70/AE71 3. Gilly/Madhouse Panhard Rod Adjustable and rose jointed. 4. Tubular LCA's and castor rods, fully...
  2. Beau

    Club Charles Meet Up! - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ Bankstown Airport Hungry Jacks/KFC carpark @ 8:00pm - 11:00pm Those Classy Gents at Club Charles have decided to leave their swede chairs and brandy afternoons for a casual car meet up. The old fashion way. This is mainly aimed at the JDM styled peeps! Sex spec...
  3. Beau

    Wolverine - La Viva Hate BUILT

    Hey everyone, Been a bit of a lurker on the old NS for a number of years, always been a 86 boy so never had a reason to post just really enjoyed the site. Seeing as my car has a little bit of Silvia in it i thought i might as well give into the constant nagging from mates and slap it up on here...
  4. Beau

    Grand Wizard Bday today - Garth!

    He turns 36 Congrats on makin it this long with your dolls!
  5. Beau

    fat57 customs Hey guys just thought you all might want to check out my families new website/blog. Check it out when you can. Thanks
  6. Beau

    [FS] ADM Ae86 Shell - commonly known as Dirty Ibis

    Ok guys some may or may not know but i have Drift Battles (Jeremy's) Old 86 commonly known as Dirty Ibis - the green one. Well im selling it as i need room for other shit if i dont sell it i'll slowly build it up or something. Specs: - Equal Length channels in the floor - Welded in half...
  7. Beau

    [FS] Superlight 15x8 -4 with tyres Black - Sydney

    Item: Superlights 15x8 -4 Rims with Sumo Firenza Tyres 90% Tread Rims look brand new and have not seen more then one track day. Price: $500.00 ONO for the pair with Tyres. 114.3x4 Location: Sydney (Moorebank area) BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY Pics tomorrow Princess's PLEASE...
  8. Beau

    4age turbo stuff!

    Some bits for sell peeps! Items: 1. EMS Stinger ECU for a 4agze ECU. 2. 4agze Loom for Stinger 3. KKR 280 Turbo + Steam Pipe Mainfold + Waste Gate + Dump Pipe 4. Sold 5. 4agze Bigport head 6. 4agze Block 7. Inlet Mainfold + VR commodore Throttle Body 8. Crank Angle Sensor 9. SOld...
  9. Beau

    My Trueno - hmm

    1986 Kouki Trueno Hatch Specs: Engine: 4agze converter to 4agte VR Throttle EMS stinger ECU Custom Steam pipe Exhust Mainfold Some Sort of Frankenstein Turbo.. R33 front housing and maybe a turbo disel rear housing. External Waste gate Westside Exhuast custom Cooler piping and 3inch...
  10. Beau

    [url][/url] Hi guys and girls, just letting you all know that Australia's new drift online magazine has just been launched. Check it daily for all your drifting needs! Please note that it is a blog/e-zine not a forum. Its a online magazine
  11. Beau


    Just want to give you all a WARNING about the rise in car theft and the Police, which is effecting our community. Basically what is happening is Theives are no longer looking for cars on the street to steal but going on internet car sites to find the cars they desire and going after them...
  12. Beau

    [FS] Random, Whiteline, AJPS, T50 JDM

    Hi guys and girls got some stuff i want to loose this weekend. Just got a Fine...:peek: Products: 1. AJPS Lock Spacer 2. ADM Sprinter seats with rails (1x red and 1x blue) 3. JDM T50 (Unknown Condition) comes with shifter 4. Whiteline Traction Brackets (brand new never used) 5...
  13. Beau

    [SYD] FS: FJ20DET Sprinter Drift Car

    Hi everyone just putting this car up for my good mate! It is on ebay. But im pretty sure its against the site rules to just stick up links so here is a run down with pics and all, including the link to the said auction. All Mounts were done by my old man (FAT57 Customs) so you know they are...
  14. Beau


    Hey guys i need a 4ac INtake mainfold and Carby! Need it in Sydney. Need it asap! Let me knoe!!
  15. Beau

    e7 wagon or a t18

    Hey looking for a cool daily i can chuck parts and bikes in. e7 wagon or a t18 would be the goods. cause it would be a daily i dont want to buy a piece of your museum so not a the most expensive one please!
  16. Beau

    Worst names!

    In my line of work i have to deal with people.. grrr and i have to see their names and so on. The game i play with a mate of mine is finding the most wacked name. Him being Christian they are never as good as the ones i find.. Here are a few.. Note: These are last names. Drinkwater Alcock...
  17. Beau

    Trueno light side covers

    Yer I need some new or near new Trueno Light side cover things you know the plastic bits... so hard to explain. Anyway i need those New or close to it. I would go and get them from toyota but im kinda banned from my local one... any help would be great
  18. Beau

    My Blog Check it if you like
  19. Beau

    Your Xmas Loot

    What you get list it or take some pics players.. My loot... The airbag stuff is from my brother. (good to be sponsored lol) Its for my new truck i just bought.. About to finish one project and start a new one.. It never ends lol What you cant see there is my Willwood Bias adjuster my...