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  1. Anthony

    4AGE Extractors - universal 16V/20V design

    Stock has just arrived of our new 4AGE extractor model. These feature a universal engine flange which is compatible with both 16V and 20V engines. The price is $295 per set and an outlet flange (2inch) and gasket is included. Also available as an optional extra is a 'clutch hose kit' which...
  2. Anthony

    Beams 3SGE's

    With a recent rise in popularity, these motors are making more and more sense as an AE86 conversion prospect, or as a powerplant for your clubman project etc. These are currently unavailable, but I may be getting more in the future. Please register your interest here or by email...
  3. Anthony

    Polish Drifting - on one horsepower

    Some pretty cool Polish drifting. Admittedly they've got snow turbo but only a horsepower at best...
  4. Anthony

    Tyre stretching. Good stories and bad.

    In response to a pic of Brads car at the annual I just wanted to find out any other problems ppl have encountered stretching tyres. Like I said Brad, i struggled with my equips. My rears are all 9s and I dont run tubes :? The equips were the hardest to mount. At the time we used a ratchet...
  5. Anthony

    Adaptronic ECU's - Kaizen Garage

    Just a little reminder if anyone is considering new engine management for their 86, be it for a new motor option or a little more tunability, I am able to offer the Adaptronic E420C brand new for forum members at the special price of... $890 including GST and delivery to your door This is...
  6. Anthony

    WTB : Kouki Levin front bar with lights and brackets

    Need a complete Kouki (update model not sold in Aus) front bar for Levin (fixed headlights). Id like it to come with indicators and brackets but if anyone has a skin for the right price id take that as well. If anyone has one please let me know. thanks
  7. Anthony

    Wanted : Trueno guards

    I need 2 LHS and one RHS trueno guard , possibly more :) so if anyone has any for same please let me know. Thanks
  8. Anthony

    Anthony's BEAMS powered coupe - New action shots page 4

    Since hearing the Hachi Meet is to be in Sydney 2006 I thought I better get my rebuild under way. What better way to keep motivation up than to post the project in members rides :) For those that haven't seen details "elsewhere", the car arrived from Japan with a full original BN Kit, S13...