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  1. intense

    Real mans mountain/touge cruise (Start April)

    Harley is incapable of two things, finishing projects and organizing good cruises. That's where I step in. Start of April I'm organizing a day cruise through some real mountains, either some really hardcore stuff or just a nice cruise depending on what the consensus is. At the moment the...
  2. intense

    Few cool vid's

    First is a bit of a combo. We get to see the inner workings of a JDMYO vending machine as it makes this guy a milkshake and then he catches up and talks to the owner of a nice clean zenki trueno which appears to have had a black top conversion, the owner then takes him along the tokyo...
  3. intense

    VIC Toyota Owner's Club Australia National Meet, June long w

    "Hi Guys and Girls.... Heres the Itinerary as it stands at the moment.. obvioisly this will change a heap! Saturday - 11:00 AM Meet and Greet Toyota Brighton - 12:30 PM BBQ Lunch and TOCAU National Meet Stickers and Showbags Give away. (I'll a list of numbers for this guys) - 2:30 PM...
  4. intense

    DIY Coilover conversion

    Found this and thought it would be good to share
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    Brake fade / rotor warping

    It seems as soon as my rotors get a bit of heat into them they start to warp. My braking setup is as follows; mx62 rotors and calipers (slightly larger and slightly thicker than jdm ae86 brakes) RDA slotted disks AJPS braided brake lines Lucas trw pads t18s2 rear end drums. Anyway...
  6. intense

    Drift Tengoku vol 9

    This is my fav drift tengoku video. They take a bog stock ae86 and a bog stock s14 and do some mods to get them drift spec, and they test them along the way. They show you how to make custom coilovers, how to do the lsd and final ratio, the exhaust. How to do the suspension on the s14, how to...
  7. intense

    15" x 6.5" +10 Advan A3A Melb

    Selling my Yokohama Advan A3A 15" x 6.5" +10 offset rims because I've bought a new set of superlites instead. These wheels are extremely rare. The set were originally imported to aus but then split up between the original owner and his mate. I bought 2 of them and had to hunt down the 2...
  8. intense

    Bride ergo for sale

    For sale: Bride Ergo Item Condition: Good Price and price conditions: $500 ono Extra Info: Genuine bride recliner. Ergo 1/1.5 series. Offers great leg and side support as well as great shoulder support if you don't have broad shoulders Pictures: Contact Details: sms/call on 0421...
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    AE101 4agze Ae86

    keeping it
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    No longer for sale

    No longer for sale
  11. intense

    EFI fuse keeps blowing

    My efi fuse keeps blowing and it's got me stumped as to why. The first time it happened was way back last year when I just had the car for not even a week. Replaced the fuse and all was good. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and it pops 2 fuses on the way to work. First was a 15 amp, another 15...
  12. intense

    Where to buy shifter bushing from?

    Just put a 400gram razo gear knob on my car and I want it to feel tighter than it is. Any idea where I can buy a shifter bushing from?
  13. intense

    How to wire up Tacho booster

    Car: Ae86 Motor: 4AGZE Problem: Kouki dash tacho doesn't work. A guy on toymods sold me a tacho booster which is a modified relay. Anyway it has 4 connectors for it. 12v Ign In - Rpm input from ignitor or ecu T - Signal output to tach E- Earth The only problem I'm having is finding...
  14. intense

    JDM ST end of month July 31st meet

    Where: Garage Cafe Dinner Docklands Photoshoot When: Dinner from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Photoshoot from 9:30pm to 11:00pm I think it's a great thing to mix and mingle with other car clubs and people who have different cars to our own. It's also nice and refreshing to see how people modify...
  15. intense

    IPRA AE86 at Bathurst The car seems to be quite competitive and I'm amazed at the lack of braking involved, basically going up the mountain flat chat until the top.
  16. intense

    Ae86 vs ek9 I would have thought the ek9 would walk this one but you never know
  17. intense

    4x MA61 wheels with center caps(VIC) SOLD

    Item: 4xMa61 wheels for sale. 14x7 +8 offset. Have center caps Price $400 ono Location: Scoresby (Eastern Suburbs) Other info Reason for selling is I wanted to get a good set of tyres for them but the only ones I can find are grid 3's and I can't get a set until February. You can see the...
  18. intense

    What springs do I need

    My cars got xt130 struts in it and the springs in it at the moment don't sit perfectly in the lower section of the strut, so I suspect they are ae86 springs. I'm about to buy a new set of springs but I don't know what I should get. If i got a front set to suit an xt130 corona they'd sit in...
  19. intense

    I can feel a rattle through the wheel and hear it

    My cars got something freaky going on with it and I think one of my wheels will probably fall off when I least want it to. Whenever I go over a bump with the front left wheel, any bump no matter how big or small it makes a rattly noise from the front left of the car. I can hear it too and...
  20. intense

    2 steering wheels for sale, Melb SOLD