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  1. Julz01


    much rust in the body work on the coupe?
  2. Julz01


    Details on the coupe please
  3. Julz01

    SSR wheels are bringing back formula and revserse mesh!!

    Seriously 16 in 4x100 only???? SSR really didnt do much research into the demographic with this re release
  4. Julz01

    Julian's long ass buildup expected finish date 2020

    Updates After cleaning up my garage and find receipts for parts I purchased in 2010 I thought it was probably time I put the new front end in. So now new hubs, LCA ,coilovers, braided lines and new quick rack are now in, most progression that has happened for quite some time. Photos to follow...
  5. Julz01

    AE86 Quick rack

    Further update to this, been driving the car and Im impressed with the rack, steering feel and response is great , just need to get a proper wheel alignment done then will report back with more.
  6. Julz01

    WTB ae86 JDM calipers

    Show me what you got, prefer just calipers
  7. Julz01

    AE86 Quick rack

    received my thanks again, should have it in tomorrow night.
  8. Julz01

    AE86 Quick rack

    I would go for one, anyone in melbourne keen?
  9. Julz01

    Julian's long ass buildup expected finish date 2020

    Hmm think it is just a T25. Nothing special. Finally got a 4agze CAS , now have to get coil packs and ECU
  10. Julz01

    Victoria 86 Owners!!!!

    Im still here, just too fucking busy to work or drive the thing, will try to make it out to the swap meet this weekend if anyone's keen with TCCAV
  11. Julz01

    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    Calder park :O
  12. Julz01

    VIC) ae86 and s14 parts, plug and play sr20 bride ecu EMS t50

    Still got the ae86 EMS ecu?
  13. Julz01

    Julian's long ass buildup expected finish date 2020

    Update. Car has been running fine since it was all fixed up, been keeping up with daily duties just fine. Going to be setting up a 4agte setup now, Got all the turbo parts just need to get a ecu to control it all, looking to run standard motor for the moment and just put 6-8 psi into it and...
  14. Julz01


    you probably have the ADM maroon/cream color interior,
  15. Julz01

    HR 'Stealth' & 'Bright' Logotype Hoodies - A Few Left!

    1. Garth - Stealth - Medium 2. Garth - Bright - Medium 3. Ant - Stealth - XL 4. Delazy - Stealth - Large 5. Jinxd - Stealth - Medium 6. Johl - Stealth - Medium 7. Genkin - Stealth - Medium 8. GTV_86 - Stealth - Large 9. GTV_86 - Bright - Large 10. evil86 - Steath - ??? 11. evil86 - Bright - ...
  16. Julz01

    Are you a troll. What forums are you on.

    Couple of forums im on , some I post more then others HR DC rollaclub toymods Hardtuned JDMST VicImports JZx100 world Stanceworks LS1 forum (for work)
  17. Julz01

    HR Monthly Meet Up! Ideas, suggestions and discussions

    lol 2 year thread bump kumar, lol but we should
  18. Julz01

    What will the base model FT86 be like in Oz

    lol Toyota know that the top gear boys give the cars a caning , from a Marketing point of view im sure that even if they destroyed the car as long as the publicist was good they would be laughing.
  19. Julz01

    How often do you drive?

    brought in 04 started driving daily from 06 till about mid 2009 when it received a 4age and was off the road for a couple of weeks, mid 2010 till 2011 daily until it went off the road untill 2012 getting rebuild of head now back to daily duties
  20. Julz01

    How many ae86 were made?

    would be cool to find out how many are still in working condition/ rego in aust