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  1. kungfu panda

    Bens pile of 86 related gear in nq

    ok so ill just list what i have. interested i can be reached on my mobile O4onedubble37dubble6dubble1 Two oem aus delivered doors in factory green fair to good condition Both rear quarter glasses Oem aus deliv rear hatch with glass aswell Complete factory bodykit One set of...
  2. kungfu panda

    live chat on hr to logged in users

    hey garth is it possible to set up a live chat between logged in users like msn chat n so forth?
  3. kungfu panda

    x4 ignigniter module not compatable with msd blaster ss coils

    so yea found out today that the msd blasters have a lower resistance tollerance or some shit compared to alot of other coils so the x 4 cant handle the return charge and over a short time ie weeks or so it pops the x4 and starts its usual path of destruction dropping cyclinders and bein...
  4. kungfu panda

    maddinc drift footage

    monsta hachi (you tube) ...:hardogay:
  5. kungfu panda

    epic taxi in syd tomorrow

    so im flyin into syd tomorrow to buy a spyder for the misses would be megga keen to catch a lift for cash ofcourse 40 mins outta city if anyones keen? Would rather pay one of the family to taxi me out than pay for a non english speakin ripoff driver anyone intrested? Msg me if so i arrive at 10...
  6. kungfu panda

    maddinc nq drift days

    Hi guys ,so yea as stated in nq at whitsunday raceway(prosipine) they're holding grass roots drift days ,if anyones keen and lives in the area get in on it !!! Just go to and follow the sign up and forums . Im from T ville myself and 5 other crews went down including some from even...
  7. kungfu panda

    r.o.p.s fab in nq

    Ok peeps my new molly bender is on its way i plan to produce cages and parts for ae's at request my new bender is more purpose suited to cromo race tubing etc,etc ive already been fabbing manifolds(int ,exh) and intercooler piping ,if and wants pretty much anything for our weapons of choice just...
  8. kungfu panda

    adm ae86 levin 20v

    K guys im sellin my old daily its an adm levin with a 20v silver top its got a full set of g2 coilovers and a jdm rear end from memory its a trd 2way clutch type it has a golpher 52 mm aluminium radiator and a black box ecu im chassin 5k shes tired but a wicked streeter any takers msg me on...
  9. kungfu panda

    ae86 levin or trueno hatch with 1uz

    hey lads/lasses as stated im chassing a 1uz converted 86 as i have converted another bogan and his dad lol so yea no roadworthy no redgo doesnt matter , track or street will pay up to 10k for the right car ,if anyone has or knows of one available pm me here cherrs again ,ben
  10. kungfu panda


    Crazy farkers at 86pr (puerto rico) have been talkin alot about one or 2 individuals basicly bulding a 2.1 ltr 7a using 1zz rods, 2zz pistons and from wot i can make out of there lingo a ca18det crank? Any one else come accross this ?? Or can shed light . Love these crazy hybrids :D cheers again...
  11. kungfu panda

    after market tps

    Ok so ive finushed the engine bay fab work now to do the wiring does anyone know where i can get an aftermarket tps from i got a billit 80mm with a halfcircle output on the throttle shaft end any advice or any fir sale would be great cheers all Ben
  12. kungfu panda

    bassett wheels

    So i noticed bassett wheels are pretty legit done the reserch and look prety cool question is this, does anyone on here have pics on there 86 of these wheels or other 86s uall know of or does any one have any and how they rate em . I think for the price and sizes available...
  13. kungfu panda

    turbo 4agze plenum

    Hey guys Q. Seems a glass half full half empty but wots everyones thoughts on large plenum and large throttle body settup for a turboed ze ,any help/light on the matter would be great. Cheers ben.
  14. kungfu panda

    upload pics from android ?

    Hey guys was just wondering how to go about uploading pics from my sony erricson x10 , wanna finish profile and share some fab and a couple of my 86s :D any help would be great Cheers ben
  15. kungfu panda

    15 x 10 - offset wheels

    15 x 10 anything negative :D concluded "4" metal flares need new wheels to fill angry ass guards :twisted: . If any one can help call 0413376611 Cheers , ben
  16. kungfu panda

    konig rewinds and volk meshies

    Ok so im keen to get rid of my 86 wheels as stated a set of 15x7 0 offset front and rear konig rewinds and a set of volk meshies same size and offset . Im located in townsville north qld Both sets of wheels in good nik would be open to swaps only For 15x10 -26...