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  1. xero

    Marks white 86's, 3s track car pics/vids pg4, new pics pg5

    i saw yates AE86 in detail many times over years, believe me it wasnt until Bates got involved did it really become a super neat and functional thing. his new 86 is just as stupidly clean and functional too, and i hate him for it. oil pump and idler set is a nice and simple way to do it mate...
  2. xero

    Finally after 10 years

    get rid of that copper piping ASAP.
  3. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    pretty much the plan Eddie, another mate did this and got around it. thats why i asked the specific emissions control the MAP sensor does and watched him fumble around to answer it. and it is bureaucratic crap that decides it, even in the same bureaucratic fucking branch. the noise section and...
  4. xero

    making headers video series

    looking good timmeh, ill chat to on FB about it later on
  5. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    the funniest part about that whole interaction is the requirement for the MAP sensor to be fitted, because in his words "its an emissions requirement". i then asked a VERY SPECIFICALLY what part of emissions the MAP sensor controls, and didnt really get straight answer just a bunch of "you need...
  6. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    ok so update time: do noise test, passes by skin of my teeth with a 90.5. BUT just because i passed that doesnt make it that easy. i now need to return with a MAP sensor fitted, O2 sensor fitted, and airbox for ITBs with the PCV connected to that and then i will pass... 2 steps forward, 1 step...
  7. xero

    HR Annual X 86 Festival [MELBOURNE] Postponed

    i am also in this boat. heh... runs AE86 website, has no AE86 to drive...
  8. xero

    Anastasios 70 + 71

    looking good man, with the new extractors i would get a oil filter relocation adapter and some speedflow fittings. makes it a bit easier and fair bit less radiant heat going to your filter.
  9. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    same here paul, shortly after we moved to this house we had a break in and while not a lot was stolen the police clearly didnt give a fuck. same when Lisa moved, they were broken into shortly after moving in again only a few things were taken (laptop, ipod, some jewellery etc) and police didnt...
  10. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    and further fuck you and kick in the nuts: car will have to pass a noise test as well as an emission test. fucking yay. car will have its registration cancelled this coming monday as the defects have not been cleared. and even if i do clear the defects, it will still be cancelled anyway until...
  11. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    yeah eddie probably gonna chuck in about 5ltrs of E85 to a full tank of 98 to clean it up a bit and see how it goes
  12. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    my life right now: so coming home 2 weekends ago, less than 1km from house, i was directed to an RMS inspection station to be defected. awesome. both officers were arseclowns, RMS guys was pretty good. reasons for cops being arseclowns: stopping in the MIDDLE OF A ROUND ABOUT WITH RIGHT OF...
  13. xero

    Just JDM Imports Track Car Build

    i echo pats comments, those look mint!
  14. xero

    Stewart's AE86 GT Apex Levin Coupe

    i can do that... but ill just leave them until you get decent ones. its a bitch mine is off the road at the moment...
  15. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    ummm... not at the moment... it doesnt look much different than before, just the addition of the new WTA oil cooler.
  16. xero

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    engine retuned and updated with new stuff: remounted radiator PWR water to oil cooler (faster you go the better it cools) cleaned up the water lines cleaned/degreased engine bay makes 130rwkw now. still 1600cc. looking for a KE30/35/55 brake booster to try and get 100mm trumpets to fit. TRD...
  17. xero

    Some Forum Errors

    i have issues...
  18. xero

    Kungfu pandas crazy build thread of awesome.

    needs more LS7.
  19. xero

    Clowpow AE86 Levin

    dave, i should bring mine around one day just for shits and giggles
  20. xero

    New Members - Introduce Yourself!

    welcome one and all!