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  1. speed_humper

    Brake Master Cylinder options for JDM Booster

    Hey guys, Im losing brake fluid very slowly over the period of a few months. The pedal also feels very spongy. Im about 99% sure its the seals in my Brake Master cylinder as there is a dirty rough oily patch underneath it, on my brake booster. I tried cleaning it and traces of fluid returned...
  2. speed_humper

    Pro K found me an amazing car

    Hey guys, I joined this forum about a 2 years ago because I finally decided its time I owned an AE86. After months of waiting for the perfect AE86 to show up on carsales or our own forum, I decided importing one would probably yield better results. Thanks to this website I came to learn...
  3. speed_humper

    WTB: ADM Seat Belts (Full Set F/R)

    Its nearly compliance time for me and ive been told I will be needing a set of these. Anyone have a set that they are willing to part with? Cheers :zoidberg:
  4. speed_humper

    I found a TRD Dry Sump kit on Yahoo Auctions HOLY BALLS I wish I had that kind of money. Maybe...
  5. speed_humper

    WTB: JDM Trueno Hatch

    Hey guys, If anyones keen to sell im looking for one, Willing to pay a fair price for a good one, Preferably in white, GTV or GT-APEX, no sunroof. Cheers!