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  1. genkin

    genkin's AE86 Vacationer

    It's about time I started a thread for this car. I never really intended it to be a 'project', more of a daily. But I guess that's just the 86 bug I've got. I bought this in November 2010 from outer Melbourne and drove it back to Adelaide the next day. It was a bog stock ADM 1983 Sprinter...
  2. genkin

    I'm a noob trying a 4age into AE86 conversion. Advice please...

    Hey guys, I've currently got a daily 297,xxxkm 4ac which I'm planning on retiring soon. She's still pulling hard and not giving me many problems, but I got a good deal on a AE82 4AG and well, the project started from there. With the news of the Annual coming up in December, I'm gonna see if I...
  3. genkin

    Midnight Roulette AE86 pic-blog Just a photo blog I've been working on for the last few months. I update fairly sporadically whenever I get the chance. Enjoy
  4. genkin

    Black Limited... unboxing?

    This is what happens when you drink too many Red Bulls and can't sleep at 3am.
  5. genkin

    SA: TRD green shocks / 30mm spacers

    Clearing out a few bits and pieces... TRD green rear shocks. - $100 ono. 8 way adjustable. Short stroke. Oil shocks. No leaks. Suit rebuild as they have NO rebound. 30mm hubcentric spacers (pair). - $100 ono. 4x114.3. Include studs and nuts. RWD Toyota thread pitch. Will swap for...
  6. genkin

    SA: 2dr kouki taillights

    Clearing out a few bits and pieces... 2 door Kouki Levin taillights. - $250 ono. No damage, no fading, no cracks. Like new! The white line has been removed for a cleaner look. Kept wrapped up indoors for the past 2 years. No centre garnish or number plate panel included.
  7. genkin

    EOI: 1986 GT Apex Levin Coupe *original*

    Very regretfully, I think it may be time to sell my 1986 Corolla Levin. I bought the car from Budget Holdings Japan in September 2008. The car arrived in Australia in December 2008. Compliance work was done by Smooth Garage and Rory Thompson Services. The car was first registered on Australia...
  8. genkin

    ADL BBQ Revival!!! 17th January

    Okay guys, it's been way too long. Let's organise a BBQ and hills drive for early in the new year. I'm thinking a Saturday or Sunday would be best. So go ahead and post your preferred date, time and place and let's get this thing happening!!! I suggest Sunday the 10th or 17th during the...
  9. genkin

    Air Conditioner problems

    I had my car re-gassed when it came into the country in January '09. But last week the A/C suddenly seemed to stop working. The A/C and ECON buttons still light up when pressed in but the air doesn't seem to get any colder at all. Also, generally when these buttons are pushed in I will feel a...
  10. genkin

    Monster Jr. 2dr Levin

    After selling my previous JDM 86 and driving a Nissan Stagea around for over a year I started to long for that old feeling again. The feeling of being in control, small yet nimble. Sure the Nissan was great to drive everyday, but I started to feel a bit like a taxi driver; elbow on the center...
  11. genkin

    Kouki Levin Front Lip & Distributor Heat Shield

    As the title says, I'm after a late model Levin OEM lip and an aftermarket distributor heat shield for 4AGE. PM if you can help out -Jesse
  12. genkin

    What's in your toolkit / toolbox?

    My new AE86 is nearly complied and I'm getting together a toolkit to carry in the car. Remind me, what are the most commonly used tools? I'm thinking along the lines of... 10 / 12mm spanner 14 / 17?? mm spanner Adjustable shifter (maybe sockets too?) Philips head screw Flat head screw...
  13. genkin

    AE86 Carland

    I was in Japan the other week and took these photos to share. Link to Carland
  14. genkin

    WTB: Seatbelts

    I'm after front Australian complied seatbelts for an AE86. Must be good condition.
  15. genkin

    Stagea S1 RS4 - $9250

    I have to sell my Stagea to fund an overseas holiday. If you're after a neat-o family car, sleeper or workhorse. Then this could be the car for you! Considering the global economy now, you'll find you're much better off to buy locally. 1997 Nissan Stagea RS FOUR Automatic Adelaide, SA...
  16. genkin

    Buying parts from Yahoo! Auctions!?

    I'm looking at buying a full kit from Yahoo auctions. But who can I go through to organise this? has anyone had experience buying items from Yahoo auctions? Any help wuould be appreciated. Thanks, Jesse
  17. genkin

    EOI: pink 4AC ADM AE86 in SA

    Just testing the waters. I'm considering selling my ADM AE86 and upgrading to a family type car... For sale: 1984 ADM Toyota Sprinter Location: Adelaide Asking Price: $3000~4000 Kilometer's: 400,XXX :) Engine: 4AC rebuilt/replaced somewhere along the line. 5MT. open S in car. Condition...
  18. genkin

    'Twin Cam' steering wheel

    Im after a 'Twin Cam' steering wheel. You know the ones, 3 spokes and the horn pad. Im located in Adelaide. PM me if you have what I'm after. Cheers, Jesse
  19. genkin

    AE86 Acceptable 'eyebrow height'

    Hey all! I need to know what the acceptable 'eyebrow height' is for an AE86. I'd call the inspection centre, but I really need to know ASAP! (damn long weekends) 'eyebrow height' is the measurement from the centre of the wheel vertically upward to the edge of the guard
  20. genkin

    1:24 Rims & Overfenders!

    Can't afford to do your 86 the way YOU want it? Can't justify spending $2500 for those ultra rare dished rims? Cops always on your back about your pumped guards and low ride? Then you need to get into the latest 'cool' thing from genkinshop! 1:24 hachi-fication! But seriously dudes...