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  1. Julz01

    WTB ae86 JDM calipers

    Show me what you got, prefer just calipers
  2. Julz01

    Winton 11th dec HR meet

    Hey guys been a while so thought I post up to see if anyone wants to come down to the last VIC drift day of the year, going to be driving down with a few friends so seeing if we can make an event of if for HR and catch up as its been a while since the last HR meet up. hopefully going to...
  3. Julz01


    wow echos in here no ones around? when we meeting up its been a while
  4. Julz01

    WTB rear interior cards

    After the rear interior cars , ones which are just past the door, prefer maroon brown color but any color will do thanks
  5. Julz01

    JDMST cruise docklands , then airport viewing area, 26th sep

    Since Harley has been pretty busy thought Id post up a cruise which a couple of the guys on JDM style tuning are organising for the 26th of sep details are here For September, let's prove to the other states that WE'RE BACK after a bit of an epic fail over the past few months / years...
  6. Julz01

    WTB JDM 4age Air con compressor and mount

    Hey guys Im chasing the above item, if you have 1 please let me know thanks
  7. Julz01

    WTB S series drivers side axle and drivers side guard

    Hey guys had a fucked up night last night and going to need these parts, my shit tires let me down and managed to do a 180 and hit a gutter snapping the axle off and fucking my wheel up, now before you lecture me i wasnt doing anything dumb it happened when it was pissing down last nite on...
  8. Julz01

    4age bigport

    Yo guys Im looking at picking up a 4age, preferable a bigport, doesnt matter what the condition is at the moment just need a cheap one, probably going to be rebuilt either way thanks julz
  9. Julz01

    1x SSR formula mesh 15x6.5

    Got 1 of them here ive got to get rid of It has been stripped and cleaned up , bolts are off of the center atm good for ppl that have gutter loved a rim and want an outer/inner or want a spare for the boot $90ono
  10. Julz01

    Headlight low beam not working

    Yo guys my low beams have been on the blink the last week, they would work and then not but when I flicked my highbeams on they would work again, Ive changed the fuses and tried different lights but Im just wondering if it could be the headlight relay. They are now not working at all, the...
  11. Julz01

    Fuel economy for 4ac and 4ag varities

    Hey guys thought with the current petrol prices that fuel economy is a key think in getting the most out of our hard earned money. Im currently wondering what people are getting to a tank with their setups. And also how much does the tank hold as I think its 25L but could be 30L adm tank...
  12. Julz01

    4ac cam cover removal? can I leave it off

    Hey guys Well atm I have an oil leak on the mighty 4ac, the leak is coming from the oil filter side of the engine bay, I had put a sandwich plate for the oil pressure gauge and thought that was the cause of the leak, took it off and its still leaking. Now I saw that on of the lower bolts...
  13. Julz01

    kouki Power mirrors folding type

    yo homies after a set of these so I can compete with harley for the title of most jdm bling at autosalon... jks just after a set at non rip off prices would probably pay upwards of $120 or so doesnt matter if they are scratched as long as they arnt broken or got big chips in them. thanks
  14. Julz01

    Setting adjustable Panrod

    Hey guys Just wondering how do I go about setting the panrod up? How will I know which way the diff has moved since its been lowered will I have just look at the wheels and see if one of the sides has moved out of the guards more then the other? thanks julz
  15. Julz01

    Spirit New JDM front rotors

    Got theses for sale as im going to be using my RDA ones instead they are brand new in boxes, will get a pic up later on. For thoughs that dont know but im sure most people on here will know they dont fit ADM calipers unless you shave down the brake pads as they are thicker $200 posted...
  16. Julz01

    Group buy for prothane bush kits

    Im looking at organising a group buy for theses, here is the link to DC Hey Guys I am currently looking at organising a group buy for theses bushing kits inorder to take advantage over...
  17. Julz01

    front hubs, ADR front braided lines, dust covers + more

    Hey guys Im looking at getting the stuff I need ready so i can put my coilovers in , I need the following Front hubs Front braided lines for JDM calipers dust covers bump stops to suit st185 celica shocks maybe some Lower control arms + steering arms thats all I can think of for...
  18. Julz01

    JDM jelly bean wheels yo

    was on yahoo and came across theses thought id post them up , never realised they got adm styled stuff there lol
  19. Julz01

    party like is 1999

    :D noticed this and thought it was worth a mention prince would be so happy for us
  20. Julz01

    Hondorro ae86 yo, takumi would be so prowd

    This will be a repost for the guys that are on toymods but here it is for everyone else FWD ae86 FTW :shock: