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  1. ToySprinter

    Haltech E6X

    Haltech E6X - Used for about 3 years, ran my GZE then GTE, still has a 180rwkw turbo map on it Doesn't Come with loom, I think I can find software somewhere for it. $700 Located in Canberra Contact me via PM or mob : 0413 485 830 CHeers Steve
  2. ToySprinter

    4age turbo exhaust and GZE stuff

    Hey Guys, I'm moving north to queesnland in a couple of months and its time to stop hoarding shit, although I'm sure I'll regret selling stuff. Full length Exhaust to suit 4A and t2 - Comes with ebay turbo manifold that has been rewelded and braced slightly and ebay split dump pipe. Bit of...
  3. ToySprinter


    Anyone interested in a JDM Zenki T-series? It has: 1.5way Cusco RS Royal Purple oil - Changed every 1000ks Slotted Rotors under 2000ks use TRD Pads under 2000ks use Braided lines to calipers and diffs rebuilt calipers all handbrake lines. T18 rear tailshaft half This is a...
  4. ToySprinter

    Idea for when the 86 is off the road - bike drifting :p
  5. ToySprinter

    ToySprinta - The $500 beast

    Hey guys, my lil beast. I bought it for $500 bucks with a stuffed engine and mags. Blew the 1st engine up, and beat around with another 4ac, even went to my 1st track day with it. Now a year and a half later, it now has: ENGINE MAP 4AGZE P&P'd head NA Bigport cams 4-2-1 extractors...