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  1. takai

    EOI - 1983 Levin Hatch IPRA race car.

    3 years on, still considering selling. Lets see if there is any interest.
  2. takai

    (SA) Beams powered IPRA AE86

    Yeah, sold about 2 years ago.
  3. takai

    [VIC] - Greddy Temp Gauges - Electronic oil and water

    Sold pending payment.
  4. takai

    [VIC] - Greddy Temp Gauges - Electronic oil and water

    [VIC] - Greddy Temp Gauges - Electronic oil and water - SOLD Taken out of the race car to make way for the Racepak, and now no longer needed. They are 60mm gauges, and come with everything required. $150 for the pair, or $85 each.
  5. takai

    Best Gasket/Seal Kit

    I just got that second gasket set actually. Having a shipito account makes for cheaper postage as well, will see how it goes.
  6. takai

    making headers video series

    Pat, or anyone else. Source for the original clamps? Edit: oh conduit clamps, duh.
  7. takai

    Frp front guards ?

    On a similar topic, who makes FRP front guards in Aus? Im considering a pair for when im not doing IPRA events, to make it easier to run another set of wheels.
  8. takai

    [SA] Parting out blown 4AGZE

    Cam covers by any chance?
  9. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Got a bit bored today, and so made this: Mount for the USM4 in the engine bay. Plus the new surge tank is almost done, just waiting on the final -8 fitting: Wiring loom is also all but complete, just need some more split loom for the power feed and to make sure i dont want to add any...
  10. takai

    AE86 Quick rack

    I have a 2.5tltl rack and PS knuckles, its not that twitchy at all.
  11. takai

    [VIC] Autometer Oil/Water Gauges, InnovateLC1, Panhard and Oil catch can

    Getting ready for moving next year, and have stuff off the race car which has been made redundant or replaced. 1. pair of Autometer Sport Comp gauges, oil and water temp: Come with sensors and brackets and stuff. $60 each 2. Innovate LC1 + Gauge All works fine, but ive gone to...
  12. takai

    TRD Formula Atlantic Throttles

    Nah, realistically all that would be left is a shell of the casing. Plus i woudl need new injectors again....
  13. takai

    TRD Formula Atlantic Throttles

    Hm, tempting. But after doing so much work to my existing throttle setup.... really dont want to have to essentially butcher a set of TRD FA throttles.
  14. takai

    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    Any luck with Broadford Garth?
  15. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Havnt had much time to work on this for a while, but had a couple of hours today. Did up the new brake fluid res's with new lines and res' Resprayed the tank, and remounted it, and also flared the lines for AN fittings Fitted the new wing mirrors Started setting up the new datalogging...
  16. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Generally Loctite 565 or 561, depending on the application and which one is closer at hand. For this it was 561.
  17. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Which join leaks? Because those AN adapters are brand new Speedflow ones, the Sard FPR came with blue barb ends. I havnt sealed them to the FPR yet, but that will be done with a liquid PFTE sealant anyway.
  18. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Evidently you havnt heard of ripple strips. This is the damage from being forced onto the T1 ripple strip at Mallala when i was tucking up the inside of a guy who decided to aim for the apex at the last minute. Also why are you using screws for removable items on the car. You obviously havnt...
  19. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Redoing the fuel system in the race car, ditching the old steel lines and using basic alu lines. Now the stupid steel lines snaked half way around the trans tunnel swapping sides before popping out in the engine bay. Now im not mucking aroudn with going half way aroudn the car to get to the...
  20. takai

    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    Thought about trying to get Broadford?