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  1. takai

    [VIC] - Greddy Temp Gauges - Electronic oil and water

    [VIC] - Greddy Temp Gauges - Electronic oil and water - SOLD Taken out of the race car to make way for the Racepak, and now no longer needed. They are 60mm gauges, and come with everything required. $150 for the pair, or $85 each.
  2. takai

    [VIC] Autometer Oil/Water Gauges, InnovateLC1, Panhard and Oil catch can

    Getting ready for moving next year, and have stuff off the race car which has been made redundant or replaced. 1. pair of Autometer Sport Comp gauges, oil and water temp: Come with sensors and brackets and stuff. $60 each 2. Innovate LC1 + Gauge All works fine, but ive gone to...
  3. takai

    EOI - 1983 Levin Hatch IPRA race car.

    As much as it pains me to even consider doing this, im considering selling my race car. I have built it up from a stock ADM vehicle over the last 10 years, to the point that its at now. Basically its a fully prepared IPRA eligible race car Engine: 140rwkw 16v Smallport 4AGE - fresh...
  4. takai

    FS VIC - Greddy temp gauges

    Up for sale are my old Greddy temp gauges, taken out to make way for the Racepak dash. $150 for the pair, or $80 each.
  5. takai

    ADL - Haltech E6x with 99% loom setup for 4AG

    Selling off my E6x as i am upgrading to the Sprint or Platinum for the CAN bus to interact with my Racepak dash. Comes with a full loom wired up for a *AG, except for the injector plugs and the CAS plug. However, given that im not using standard injectors or CAS i dont think that will be too...
  6. takai

    TRD Copy extractors and side pipe

    Heatwrapped extractors, with custom heat sheild (the ACL stuff). Also has a 2 1/4" sidepipe which sits nicely on an AE86. $200
  7. takai

    4AG RWD top water outlet

    Yeah, after a top water outlet for a RWD 4AGE. Anyone have one around?
  8. takai

    FS: AE86 dual master cylinder pedal box

    Have up for grabs a brilliantly built GRP4 pedal box for the AE86. Requires some slight cutting and welding of the firewall to fit, and comes with the plate to do so. Comes with a pair of Girling master cylinders in 0.625" and 0.75" bore. I cant use it as it puts me in a very dicey...
  9. takai

    SA: Wrecking ADM AE86... all parts stripped and ready to go.

    Just finished stripping out an ADM AE86 over the weekend. 99% of the parts available are in the pictures. Ask if you cant see stuff and ill confirm whether its available or not. All of the bits in the above section are simply to make an offer on. Im likely to accept anything to just...
  10. takai

    2010 Kuitpo Forest Rally

    A few from todays Kuitpo rally: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Didnt shoot too much as i was doing stuff with car 205 as well. Was a good 4 seasons in one day rally, sunny one moment, and raining the next.
  11. takai

    Where to get +100mm body kits?

    Most of the dmax/origin/etc kits are +40mm. After something in that style, but +100mm. Or possibly an N2 kit. But i cant find anyone making FG stuff for the 86 anymore :( Anyone have more rice mojo than me?
  12. takai

    The 2JZA61 daily

    So some of the people at the Annual would have seen my not-overly-daily* daily. Basic rundown is a 2JZGE VVTi from a 2001 Crown Majesta in a 1984 MA61 Supra, roughly built to IPRA specifications on everything bar interior trim/cage and exhaust. To come in the future is this...
  13. takai

    [SA]WTB: Silvertop bottom end

    As per the topic im after a Silvertop 4AGE bottom end. Doesnt need pistons or rods, but i need the crank, block and preferably sump to protect the guts. Who has some?
  14. takai

    takai's IPRA Levin

    So i had a whinge to Garth about the forums kicking me off and he must have worked some magic and i can now login and post properly. So here comes a thread transplant. From there i have done a ton of work on the car so as of Saturday morning Garth snapped this photo: And then svenmate...