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  1. damo46

    AE86 part left overs

    Up for sale i have a few bits and pieces. I havent been on the forums for a while, so they price seems abit steep on some items let me know. All these parts are off my previously imported JDM AE86 2 x IMPULSE Racing adjustable lower control arms with fully adjustable castor arm with AE86...
  2. damo46

    SSR Dori Mesh 15 x 7 -5 Keiichi Tsuchiya

    Up for sale i have a pair of SSR Dori Mesh Size 15 X 7 minus 5 offset They are in top condition apart from 5-10cm of minor gutter rash on one wheel, which wont even bother a buyer who knows exactly how rare and sort after these wheels actually are. The dish is also quite deceiving for the...
  3. damo46

    AE86 Parts Clearance

    Hey fellas, As you may know i just recently sold my AE86. For those you knew it, it was an extremely clean car, therefore all parts i had collected over the years are extremely clean and in working order. Location - Sydney Pickup and shipping are available on request. I was going to...
  4. damo46

    [FS] 1986 AE86 Toyota Trueno GT APEX

    AE86 Toyota Trueno GT APEX I think it may be time to move on, i'm somewhat uncertain - so my Trueno is up for EOI. For sale: 1986 AE86 Trueno GT APEX - Kouki model Location: Sydney Asking Price: EOI Backround: Its a 1986 Gt-Apex Kouki trueno, I purchased it in early 09. Originally...
  5. damo46

    WTD: AE86 crank pulley

    Hey guys, If anyone has a crank pulley for the AE86 4AGE with power steer. Thankyou
  6. damo46

    Nardi Steering wheel!

    Brand new nardi wheel! Never been used! $250 0415497661 Located in Sydney will ship at buyers expense
  7. damo46

    Blacktop 20V, Bottom end complete!

    Up for sale i have a Blacktop 20v bottom end complete with -Pistons -Rods -Crank -Block -Sump -Oil Pick up -Water pump -Brackets -And sensors and other bits and pieces. It would best suit someone that wants to build an engine. $250 Located in Sydney 0415497661
  8. damo46

    NSW: White KE70 Minter! 125000kms, 5speed.

    Yo fellas, Up for sale is my KE70. Here are some specs of the car. It is a Toyota Corolla KE70, XX 5speed Manual version, this car when purchased new had all the upgrades from the standard versions, the previous owner told me. Alloy wheels, sports pack, 5speed. 125000kms Original with all...
  9. damo46

    Bride Gias Low Max

    Yo fellas, I just got these seats and no i dont really want to sell them, but i really dont have cash to get my car regod and insured so its either one or the other. I will be listing them for sale until they sell or until i find other ways to make funds for insurance and rego. They are...
  10. damo46

    AE86, KE70, 4AGE, Parts new and used!

    Ive got so many threads i just wanna put all my stuff in this one so here goes. Shipping is available at buyers cost and so is pick up and inspections on any items. Im located in Sydney. Pm me or call 0415 497 661 for any parts. Will also work out better prices if someone buys a few bits...
  11. damo46

    Bride low mount Rail

    To suit AE86 Bride seat
  12. damo46

    JDM T-50

    Up for sale is a JDM T-50 Gearbox, shifts well. $350 Located in sydney. If your quick ill throw in the x member. Cheers
  13. damo46

    Mint Kouki Trueno!

    Its a 1986 Gt-Apex Kouki trueno, got it in mid 08. Originally it was owned by a employee of tube garage in Japan, landed in Australia in early 05 and been sitting pretty in a garage for the last year and a half, the body is clean as! The car was built on the 8th of April 1986 from the Tahara...
  14. damo46

    RARE Brand new OEM part! LOOK!!!

    1. Brand new fiberglass Cusco AE86 boot for notchback - $650 2. Brand new Raybrig lenses for Kouki Trueno -$250 3. Brand new Levin fog lights - $250 4. Ae86 Kouki trueno wrap around lights brand new $380 5. Brand new Kouki rear bar genuine oem. $750 6. Brand new 16v Oil pan...
  15. damo46

    Signed Authentic Manchester United Jersey.

    Brand new 2008 Manchester united signed jersey. Signed by the whole 2008 team even Sir Alex Ferguson. Comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, I got this jersey and a Chelsea jersey but only selling the Man U one cause it was a present and dont go for Manchester United!! Im sure it...
  16. damo46

    AE86, 4AGE Bits. (JDM Sideskirts, AE111 Parts, ECU)

    Will ship anywhere, Located in NSW. My numbers 0415497661 1. Complete Blacktop 20v bottom end including sump. $450 2. Blacktop 20v ITBS $300 3. Toda Adjustable cam gears - $300 SOLD 4. Apexi fully programble ecu, plugs straight into loom $950. Now wrecking Blacktop bottom end...
  17. damo46

    AE86 Bits

    1. JDM Overflow and washer bottle, good condition $120 for the pair. 2. Kouki Rear bumper mounts pair $80 3. JDM AE86 Stock radiator in good condition $130 4. Roof lining for AE86 with sunroof good condition $50 5. AE86 Black cracked dash offer me something 6. KE70 Cluster...
  18. damo46

    AE86 Bits, 20v head, Cluster, Dash, Radiator, Strut brace!!

    Blacktop 20v Head $250 (no quads) 1. JDM Overflow and washer bottle, good condition $120 for the pair. 2. Kouki Rear bumper mounts pair $80 3. JDM AE86 Stock radiator in good condition $130 4. Roof lining for AE86 with sunroof good condition $50 5. AE86 Black cracked dash offer...
  19. damo46

    AE111 Wiring, HELP!

    Is it easier to leave the stock RWD AE86 engine loom all conected and work off that when i install the 20v or should i just take out the loom and start from scratch? Any advantages leaving the old loom in there for a bit so i know where sensors go etc?
  20. damo46

    Rebuilt Smallport 4age 16v.

    Up for sale is the engine out of my 86, its been rebuilt with specs below. I have just done all belts on it also, engine is in prestine condition. Will have futher pics when the engine is removed. Can also supply, Trd copy extractors and Apexi power FC(fully progammable ecu) Engine -...