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  1. manicvj

    (NSW) AE86 Parts (Wantanabe Rims, Tyres, Parts etc.)

    (NSW) Watanabe Rims+Tyres ALL ITEMS SOLD THANKYOU
  2. manicvj

    4AGE jumpy at constant speed/LIGHT throttle cruising.

    Hi all, Have an imported JDM AE86 with the standard, early version 3rib Bluetop Bigport TVIS stock as far as I know. Currently while driving between 1500-3200rpm on LIGHT throttle (around town cruising usually, sitting on 50/60km/h) The engine seems to kick a bit, hard to explain but while...
  3. manicvj

    Front Bumper Gap, Adjustment Possible?

    Hi all, looking to get rid of the ~1cm gap between the front lights/grill and the stock bumper. I see some pictures with a gap and some without, i'm using a new Zenki bumper with brand new OEM mounts. I couldn't see anywhere possible to adjust the mounts to have a nice flush fit. Maybe the...
  4. manicvj

    Adams '86 JDM Sprinter Trueno

    Hi everyone, have hoped of eventually getting the chance to post up a ride thread on these forums for a LONG time. Now I have the required equipment to do so :) 1986 JDM Sprinter Trueno 184,XXX Km TRD Coilovers all round TRD Swaybars F+R Strut braces F+R Factory Sunroof AC...
  5. manicvj

    FS: Complete Kouki Trueno front Kit (Minus Headlights/Panels)

    Hi all, Have all these parts for sale off a pristine Panda Kouki Trueno with NO accident history whatsoever, perfectly straight and mint, comes off a very well garaged and looked after Trueno. ALL KOUKI PARTS Factory Panda Front Bar (Does NOT include Emblem, are available brand new from...
  6. manicvj

    FS: Origin Lab 'Smoked' Tail Lights

    Hi all have a set of Origin Lab 'smoked' tail lights for sale. Used but in VG condition. Here is a shot of them on my car: Also another shot from the front page of this site: They take standard bulbs and will swap straight onto a Kouki hatch, if swapping onto a Zenki will need...
  7. manicvj

    Zenki or AUS Spec taillight looms with bulb holders

    Hi all as per title looking for the rear plugin L&R looms that go to the taillight bulbs. Have switched my kouki rear tails with Sprinter (Zenki) lights and don't have enough brake bulb holders to fill them (1 brake light vs 2 on the sprinter lights). Hoping that I should be able to unplug...
  8. manicvj

    WTB: Zenki Trueno Emblem, Lip and Healight Covers/Trims

    WTB: Zenki Trueno Emblem! As per title. Need Zenki Trueno Emblem! Please post or PM cheers.
  9. manicvj

    Clear Parker/Indicator Lenses for RWC (Kouki Trueno) ASAP

    As per title, need a pair of CLEAR parker/indicator lenses for a Trueno to pass RWC in VIC, currently in the middle of it and have been knocked back. If anyone has any to sell (or where to get some from) would be very much appreciated. Please PM or post here, promise you will get a reply...
  10. manicvj

    Kouki to Zenki front end conversion - 2 Door JDM Trueno

    Hello everyone, Want to know whats involved / what parts I will need to convert/swap a Kouki Trueno front end with a Zenki front end, and if there are any issues involved? What I have put together so far is: Front Bumper (+ Brackets? Not sure if different.) Side Indicators Bumper...