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  1. johl


    Anyone know if Pramodh is still in the importing game?
  2. johl

    Johl's daytona triple

    hey guys, as alot of you are aware i sold up all my 86 gear and bought a bike. i bought a brand new 2013 triumph daytona 675r comes standard with carbon fibre everywhere, ohlins suspension and crazy crazy brembo brakes. seriously the brakes hurt my head when i give them a squeeze. so here it...
  3. johl

    alot of parts

    i just sorted through all my shit and made a list of parts for sale. this is just a copy and paste from other websites. pm me for better prices All parts located near ipswich QLD but can post at your expense. pm me or leave a reply here AE86 Specific items- CA18 into AE86 engine and gearbox...
  4. johl

    who's mrs likes their 86?

    this thread is aimed at people who have a mrs or better yet wife and kid/s. bit of a story but here goes. after hoarding what i thought were some of the coolest parts to build my 'ultimate' balls out 86 for the past 4 years maybe more i have pulled the pin on it. these days i have settled...
  5. johl

    brand new bride zeta 3

    bought it brand new 5 years ago only sat it in my car for the first time a month ago. always stored in my room in its plastic cover. comes with 86 driver side rail $800 located near ipswich pm me or reply here for my phone number pm me for hr discount
  6. johl

    wide longchamps

    set of longchamps. brand new 195/50/15 hero hz1 fronts are 15x8.75-21 rear are 15x10.25-51 located near ipswich pm or reply here for my phone number if you want to discuss anything $2500 ono. i dont need the tyres so i wont do a price minus tyres pm for hr discount
  7. johl

    AE86 Shell, Tomei Stroked CA18 Package

    I am parting out my 86 i have been building since 08. first i am selling the shell and engine once that is gone i will put up a new thread with everything else. located near ipswich QLD pm me on here or just reply to thread and i will send you my phone number '83 ADM AE86 respray done in 2009...
  8. johl

    Wanted notchback minus running gear

    The time has come for me to start looking for a nice 86 to put all my components in. I'm on the look out for preferably a kouki trueno coupe but would settle for a levin. Ideally would like it to have standard bumpers and standard looking (no bolt on flares or bodykits). Also full black...
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  10. johl


    Let's finish this p.o.s once and for all
  11. johl

    non p/s steering arms

    in need of non power steering ae86 steering arms. cheaper the better. in brisbane but will pay for post
  12. johl

    jap 86 struts complete, cusco

    got coilovers and big brakes so this is for sale. 86 struts cusco camber tops kyb shocks ajps 6kg front springs jdm brakes inc dust shields. this setup has done about 10 000km in my old ke70 and since then i had the calipers rebuild which cost me $280. the rotors can be machined and...
  13. johl


    located in brisbane. is in known working condition, was bought with my engine package which the previous owner went through 5 sc14's to find this good one. pretty sure i also have the inlet for this. price: $300 also have a pulley kit to make it run at 16psi made by nevo. includes belt...
  14. johl

    w box cross member

    need a w box cross member within the next 2 weeks so i can get my car in the fab shop and get it closer to being on the road. will pay for postage. also need the entire clutch fork assembly but this is not as urgent cheers johl
  15. johl

    pimp ssr mk3

    15x8.5-19 pair only fresh off the boat very good nic. call me or msg me 0433543567 brisbane qld $1000ono
  16. johl


    g'day all thought it was about time i put up my new 86. specs- adm rolling shell brand new paint job including engine bay smoothed out ducktail wing smoothed out rear bolt ons origin labs front and rear bar origin 'style' side skirts engine- HEAD latest model 16 valve small port...
  17. johl


    freshest t50 i'v ever felt. comes complete with bellhousing and shifter. not too keen to sell but i would like to get rid of it so i can buy some parts i want. looking for $350 ono. throw me a serious offer. i know the price is high but i feel this box is worth it considering shitty adm...
  18. johl

    ae101gze ecu

    south east brisbane. can test if a serious buyer wants me to. $180ono. postage available pm or msg me on 0433543567 cheers johl
  19. johl

    ae101gze ecu

    south east brisbane. can test if a serious buyer wants me to. $180ono. postage available pm or msg me on 0433543567 cheers johl
  20. johl

    ma61 wheels

    got 2 full sets. one set has centre caps. all come with really good condition tyres. first in gets to choose the best tyres. located in brisbane. $400 a set.