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  1. org86t

    To Panda or not to panda

    Hi all a question thats gone through many AE86 owners should i paint my car in the classic panda paint or not because im undecided to keep the orange or go back to its original white or panda?? i just dont know looking for everyones thoughts on the matter Thanks
  2. org86t

    Fuel Sheild

    Hi Guys ive lost the rubber grommet thingy and steel washer that bolts it into place which is called a fuel sheild cant find anywhere to buy it either as toyota dont make them and corollas are different
  3. org86t

    New FT86's

    Hi guys For all those out there that are looking for a new 86 to get started or just add a daily thats a bit more fun to drive than the average here are some of the cars coming into Newcastle Toyota's Stock. 1 GT86 Auto in Pearl White in Stock - SOLD 1 GT86 auto in Tornado Grey in stock -...
  4. org86t

    Holden Commodore Acclaim

    Hi guys my other car is also for sale it has to go as well so might sell here who knows, model 2004 Vy series 2 Kms 120,000 colour phantom Black abs, irs, airbags, reverseing sensers,auto, v6, traction control stock as a rock was used as my family car so not perfect rego till august the...
  5. org86t

    1985 20v turbo levin

    ok so as my car has been on then off project for a while ive decided to test the water and see if selling is the right thing to do so far it has... -1885 aus spec ae86 -16'' by 7 rims ( some hotwire rippoff ) -custom front coilovers ( 8kg ) -custom rear springs ( 6kg ) -all newish bushes...
  6. org86t

    drifting made simple
  7. org86t

    japan importers

    hey just found this and thought it would be useful to someone :D enjoy 8)
  8. org86t

    20v silvertop w/ aftermarket ECU. VVT Actuator Opinions?

    hey guys im into the starting stage of my silver top and im curious on how the vvti works and how it should be hooked up im going to be using an aftermarket computer an i have the standard actuator plug so do i give it power and hope for the best or leave it and run without it cheers
  9. org86t

    ae86 petition

    hey yall i found this surfin round it a petition to bring back the ae86 into production unsure who started it but may be worth it im no. 93 on the list :
  10. org86t

    AE86 Race cars (& others) / Now with old Bathurst Photos

    heres some pics of some race cars ive found feel free to join in and post some of your own
  11. org86t

    imports i found

    not sure where i got these from but selling some japanese ex drift cars and etc most ae86s dont have info tho so email the way to go if you want one
  12. org86t

    Org86t's Levin warning NO56k

    Well let me start by saying i bought my AE86 with a Jdm 4age custom interior(looks pretty standard tho) Group a front lip and a fresh blood orange paint job so here it is as it was