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  1. quoccy

    Cruise & BBQ - 29/07/12

    A few of us are getting the new 86 and would be awesome to hit up some twisties! I know there is more then enough AE86s out there to make this a successful cruise. Date: Sunday 29/07/12 Time: 9:30am - Leaving at 10:00am Meeting point: Lilydale Lake (Will also have another meeting point for...
  2. quoccy

    June Meet on 86 Launch day!

    Just seeing if anyone is interested in a meet on 86 Launch day in June. There's no confirmed date yet (some where early June) but it will be awesome to have both old and new 86 in one place! Thinking of meeting somewhere in the city so it's central for everyone. Please post if you are interested!
  3. quoccy

    WTB: Trueno Kouki Front bar

    After a kouki trueno front bar preferably stock but will consider aftermarket. Looking to spend about $300 to $400. I'm located in Melbourne, PM me if you have something to offer. cheers Peter
  4. quoccy

    Holford Motors - Donations, BBQ, Raffle and Cruise

    Holfords is having a BBQ this sunday i know ginger will be there who else is going?
  5. quoccy

    R/H/S kouki Trueno head light cover

    I'm after driver side kouki trueno head light cover or both in Melbourne but will pay for shipping let me know what you have... Cheers Peter
  6. quoccy

    EOI - JDM AE86 Power steering, Melbourne

    I'm thinking of converting my car back to manual steering rack and so just seeing if anyones interested spent $400 for new Toyota genuine rack ends and rack bushes everything is still in the car so people can try it out before they buy it offers around $600 includes rack, pump, all...
  7. quoccy

    Help, need a rwc!!!

    bought a 86 a few weeks ago been around to a few of the mechanics around my area (footscray) and no one seems to want to do an inspection on my car because its "modified" mods are exhaust, j blood front bar and rims besides that car is stock standard I'm not after a dodgy rwc, just...
  8. quoccy

    Kouki LSD, Coupe rear seats and seat belts

    I'm after Kouki LSD, Coupe rear seats and seat belts in Melbourne but will pay for shipping let me know what you have... Cheers Peter
  9. quoccy

    Coupe rear seats and seat belts

    are ADM rear seats and seat belts the same as JDM coupes?
  10. quoccy

    2007 Go-Kartsssssssssssssss

    anyone up for Go-karts this month????? Auscarts - Monday 3rd September 8:00pm please be there at 7:30pm for the driver briefing and harley is coming his time so it should be good :P
  11. quoccy

    GO-karting!!!!1 MONDAY 30th july...

    Its winter and theres to much shit weather for spirited driving, bbq, etc so i'm having a go-karting night at Auscarts in Port Melbourne on Monday 30th july 7:00pm $30 will get you 30laps, and a lap for a average person is 29sec for the faster people who are game, i will organise a race...
  12. quoccy

    4age Factory airbox

    i need the air box to get my engine engineered got cash or lots of parts if you want to trade I'm in melbourne cheers Peter