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  1. EVAN

    Cleaning silver watanabes

    I can't get the stains out of the spokes of my silver watanabes. The spokes is like a pitted finish. I guess I'll have to paint them. What can I use. Brake dust stains I guess it is. Very hard to clean. Are they just meant to be bought and painted?
  2. EVAN

    old school ae86 vid i made

    some vid i made yrs ago i came across hehe bit of a laugh
  3. EVAN

    Saturday night live Japanese TV show rip off haha

  4. EVAN

    pic request

    Does anyone have a pic of this bonnet fitted to a levin? It might look ugly.. i wanna see what its like!
  5. EVAN

    Nardi steering boss

    As it says.. suit ae71 ae86 i only have momo ones need a nardi one.. different bolt pattern.
  6. EVAN

    ae71 diff

    HI i need a full ae71 diff. Has to be in good nick. drum to drum or let me know what u have. cheers
  7. EVAN

    We need another swap meet!

    Can we please??? What do u think?
  8. EVAN

    my ae86 is for sale

    i dont want to but i have to
  9. EVAN


    I need one for the ae71 or a black top
  10. EVAN

    HR's new theme song? Lyrical genius
  11. EVAN

    oldish ae86 battale at the holy grail not bad
  12. EVAN

    HOt slut wet fun machine

    needs new floor mats
  13. EVAN

    ft86 photo chops

    cool photo chops
  14. EVAN

    TRD Chaser. New to our Toyota family

    The new beast. MOre info later Pleasure to drive! 1998 Full TRD optioned fatory manual chaser. TRD dash TRD airbag TRD bodykit TRD short shift kit TRD gearknob TRD oil filler cap TRD suspension TRD Brakes and braided lines. HUGE! TRD front strut brace Factory LSD Sunroof...
  15. EVAN

    british touring car footage ae86 vs tiff needel in a fwd rolla nicee
  16. EVAN

    Tokyo autosalooon

    Scoop: G’s Turbocharged FT86 and an impulse ae86
  17. EVAN

    light troubles

    My lights keep turning them selves on and off sometimes they don't come on at all?? SO annoying.. HIgh beams still come on though. wtf
  18. EVAN

    My 5th Ke / AE7

    A spirit one I think i have had nearly every kind now. A ke70 an ae71 panel van ae71 wagon ae71 csx and this ae71 spirit lol Its quite clean.. not as clean as the red one i had a couple months ago I have already put the ae86 seat in it and a momo wheel. Also got some 14" watanabes...
  19. EVAN

    Stock AE71 diff center

    Stock ae71 diff center.. UNlocked and quiet. nsw cheers
  20. EVAN

    alpine speakers I have 4 of them $250 for 4. pick up newcastle nsw or extra to post.