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  1. Delazy

    Moroso extra capacity/trap door sumps this wont be shared on ae86dc, as the poor bloke would likely get fucked around...if you know anyone that might be interested that doesnt post on here, do pass this information on :)
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    Watts Link Discussion

    rather than raping petes thread, i thought this might be a better option... this is the setup brodie moore is running in his sr20 ae86 down here in tassie..
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    Drifting Tasmania 2011 Promo Video
  4. Delazy

    Lloyd Smith 1uz ke70 - TSS Drift Demo Number 2
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    MASSIVE LOL!!! AE86 related facebook discussion

    anyone know this loser?? click on the link to enlarge the pic and actually read the conversation... photo of claimed car...(taken from profile) Travis Rutyna is from SA btw :) links from the discussion as follows...
  6. Delazy

    greek all motor 3s beams ae86

    found this in my travel, pretty mental build by the looks of it
  7. Delazy

    DELAZYS Flat Front Ke70

    mods: T18 S2 Struts + Brakes Section cambertops ST184 kyb excel g front inserts VL KYB excel g's rear shocks AJPS LOW 6kg/4.5kg springs xt130 rona arms ps knuckles 20mm rca lock spacer VL KYB excel g's shocks whiteline panhard rod tercel swaybar + fresh bushes AJPS traction brackets...
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    Oz Drift GP - Baskerville Raceway

  9. Delazy

    Nagisa Auto Traction Brackets

    For sale: Nagisa Auto Traction Brackets Item Description: Suit JDM T Series...both zenki and kouki to my knowledge Item Condition: BRAND SPANKING NEW... Reason For Sale: easier to buy AJPS ones and fit to T18 diff than modify T18 diff to suit these... Location: TASMANIA Price...
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    '09 Tasmanian Drift Dates

    With Drift Australia hibernating for 2009, Drifting Tasmania, The Hobart Sporting Car Club and Motorsports Car Club of Tasmania wishes to invite you to attend the 2009 Tasmanian Drift Series. The series is already shaping up into a massive year with the formation of a number of Tasmanian...
  11. Delazy

    WTB - Late Model Low KM 7AFE bottom end

    as above... needed as im finally starting to piece together my engine...
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    TRD front and rear swaybar... HOBART, TASMANIA 23mm front 17 or 18mm rear (will confirm 2morrow) great condition for a used item bought them as they were advertised as cusco and turn out to be TRD.... now needing to recoupe costs from the purchase $350 pair + delivery will...
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    RX7 Caliper/262mm Civic Rotor Adaptor

    need real stopping power? buy these mofos 4 spot rx7 caliper with 262mm civic rotor adaptor australian made to a high standard bought recently, never installed...decided im going larger again to rx7/276mm mini cooper setup... will fit 14" rims all u need to finish upgrade is ...
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    wtb - ae86 struts

    had car at track on the weekend....rather suprisingly bent the stub axle and need a new drivers side or willing to take a pair if need be needs to be shipped to tassie (7011) aswell :) thanks
  15. Delazy

    LAZYS 'biggest pile of parts' AE86

    UPDATED WITH PLANNED MODS LIST!!!! Name: John Location: Hobart Age: 21 Job: Salesperson/Storeman Ride: ADM 83' Toyota AE86 Current Mods: 15x7" superlites, makita super lows, stereo ...
  16. Delazy

    xt130 LCA

    wanted at reasonable price......let me know :)