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  1. Otaku

    HR Annual X 86 Festival [MELBOURNE] Postponed

    Hey HR Army HR will be representing and supporting the 86 Festival in Victoria! Still in the planning stages but here is a taste of things to come: Super Sprint, Drifting, Show & Shine, Parade lap, RC Drift Giving you plenty of notice to get...
  2. Otaku

    [VIC] TRD Radiator Cap & Thermostat

    Brand new, never been used TRD Radiator Cap $35 posted Part number: 16401-SP030 N Type Toyota N Type (New Type) Relief pressure 127kPa(1.3kgf/cm2) TRD N TYPE RADIATOR CAP WILL NOT FIT THE FOLLOWING CARS: ARISTO - UZS143 CAMRY GRACIA - MCV2#W(Water-outlet side) CARINA SURF - AT170, ST170G...
  3. Otaku

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    For all those people who want to know how to adjust that bastard of a thing called the TPS :wtf:
  4. Otaku

    ADM AE86 Part Numbers

    Just thought I would post a link to all the part numbers for a ADM AE86 ;)
  5. Otaku

    2011 AE86 Festival

    Just in case anyone is in Japan on the 25th of September :)
  6. Otaku

    Victoria 86 Owners!!!!

    Whos still alive? :? Went to a 86 meet a few weeks ago and hardly knew anyone! So where are all my old school 86 bros!?
  7. Otaku

    HR Mt Macedone/Hanging Rock Cruise Take Two! - 20th Feb 2010

    Event Information Meet up for a a cruise down to Mt Macedone/Hanging Rock. Date 20th Feb 2010 Time Meeting at 11:30am Departing at 12:00pm Meeting Point McDonalds on Mickleham Rd, Westmeadows...
  8. Otaku

    AE86 Swap meet Part 2 - 13th Dec 2009

    Since i've done shit all for HR meets since May :oops:, some of the guys from DC have decided to do a AE86 swap meet like the HR one before, hope to see you all there! Event Information Casual meetup for victorian boys see each others cars, talk dribble, maybe have a bbq and soft drinks if...
  9. Otaku

    2009 HR Annual

    Just wanna see how many people are interested/going to the HR annual this year?
  10. Otaku

    Interchangeable parts for AE86

    Ok, I get sick over priced JDM parts for my AE86 and other parts I cant seem to find So lets get a guide together for parts from other cars that fit on the AE86. List the Make/Model/Part/Description Heres a few parts that can be used (Some may need some modifications to fit): Toyota...
  11. Otaku

    Akina Tofu shop going out of business? :?
  12. Otaku

    2009 AE86 Festival - Okayama Japan

    Anyone making the trip down this year for the AE86 Festival in Okayama Japan? its on same time as last year 30th Aug 2009 I may go again this year, depending on time/money :lol:
  13. Otaku

    HR Mt Macedon Cruise - 2009

    Event Information Meet up for a a cruise down to Mt Macedon. Date TBA Time TBA Meeting Point TBA Cruise Details TBA What to bring Yourself and your AE86 CB radio if you got one Rules and common sense outlined: ================================================== 1...
  14. Otaku

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    So I brought another AE86 for a daily.... Got it off a mate of mine, at the moment its pretty much stock as a rock, but not for long :lol: All rust has been repaired with new metal and has a fresh coat of paint I will be making some changes to it but it wont be as crazy as my red AE86...
  15. Otaku

    HR Swap meet! - Sunday 10th May 2009

    Event Information Our first official HR Swap meet! So get all your 2nd hand and unwanted Toyota related bits and parts including anything else that a Toyota fan would be mad for and come to the 1st swap meet! Date Sunday 10th May 2009 Time 2:00 pm Meeting Point...
  16. Otaku

    HR Photoshoot Cruise - 31st January 2008

    Event Information Food, drinks, and a night time photoshoot Date 31st Saturday January 2008 Time 8:00 pm at Garage Cafe 9:00 pm at South Melbourne Market Carpark Meeting Point Meet up at Garage Cafe first for some food and drinks 221 Berkeley St. Carlton 3053, Victoria Then...
  17. Otaku

    HR Fujiwara_ToFu's Old School BBQ Meet! - 21 Dec 2008

    Event Information This month were bringing back the old AE86 BBQ meets Jay (Fujiwara_ToFu) use to organize back in the Toymods days! Date 21st December 2008 Time Meet at 11:00am Fire up the BBQ at 12:00pm Meeting Point Brickmakers Park, Oakleigh Link to map What to bring...
  18. Otaku


    Event Information Meet up for a a cruise on the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay for a BBQ. Date 30 November 2008 Time Meet at 11:00am Depart at 11:30am Meeting Point Outbound Western Ring Road BP/McDonalds Cruise Details Start at Western Ring Road BP/McDonalds cruise down...
  19. Otaku

    HR Izakaya meet - Cancelled

    sorry guys was completely booked out, will have to do it another time next meet will be a bbq within 2 - 3 weeks, so stay tuned!
  20. Otaku

    HR Big Burger Cruise - 27th July 2008

    Event Information Cruise on some twisty roads to Igloo Roadhouse in Buxton for some of there famous over sized burgers! Date 27th July 2008 Time 9:00am, depart at 9:30am Meeting Point Camperfield Kmart, Hume Hwy Cruise Details Start at Camperfield Kmart, Hume Hwy then a short...