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    Sootie's Stock for the moment Levin

    Thanks mate very kind of you :)
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    Sootie's Stock for the moment Levin

    It's still sitting in my shed, nothing has happened and I had all but forgotten about these forums just logged on today because I run out of other things to do while waiting for something to be finished at work. I dunno if I should sell it, keep it and hope I eventually do something with it or...
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    WTB AE86 Sprinter - relatively stock NSW

    I dont really want to sell mine but for the right price I might be tempted I suppose... Bog stock ADM body suspension etc, no rust anywhere except a 20 cent coin sized bit on the back left corner of the rear tailgate. Has a rebuilt silver top 20v in it though it has never been started and has...
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    I think the wheelbase would be way to short to drift it as well I would image it would want to swap ends constantly
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    Johl's daytona triple

    Nice bike mate, I had one of the old Daytona 600's for a while, was a mad bike as long as you didnt have to ride for more than a few hours straight (at least not at legal speeds)
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    I am actually but I must have been thinking of something else ...
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    I thought the body was green :-/
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    red and green, very festive of you party ;-) lol
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    Moving Back To Japan

    The spec c's still cant be rego'd in aus can they?
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    super awesome levin

    +1 my word!
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    Off to the USA

    there's not many over there I have seen 2 in total, one in vegas and one in Canada (rustyest 86 ever!)
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Of course, how could I miss something so obvious
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    Mannix86's dirty beams

    I love it!
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    My Fuji red 86!

    Man there are some oddly named mods for these new ones, whats a sound changer?
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    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Girl or car? :lol:
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    My first 86

    your dash now says YIK lol
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    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    those photos are so clear! (comparatively)
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    Your ultimate street 86 discussion

    Depending on where you live and work though they are generally a lot more difficult to get to work in
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    AE86 Unfinished Project - Heaps of new parts!! $4k ono

    because I cant be bothered clicking... (well I had to but now nobody else does)