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    Blue slipping/new rego for a car

    Hey all, Something I have been thinking about a bit lately is assuming I ever actually finish my car, how am I ever going to get it registered. At the moment its all pretty tame but it has still had an engine swap so I assume there would be all sorts of fun trying to get blueslips etc. Just...
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    [WANTED] - BEAMS sprinter

    Bored with stuffing around and having no time to finish mine. After an 86 of some description (preferably a levin hatch but dont really care) Has to have the following: NSW rego or the ability to be registered without issue in nsw Would like the following: Beams supension etc mods...
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    20v Extractors

    Hey all just after some RWD 20v extractors if anyone has any sitting around, otherwise I will just grab some new ones just thought I would check first. Cheers
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    20v loom adaptronic adapter

    Hey mate, I'm after the 20v loom to adaptroic adapter, I have a complete stock 20v loom and an adaptronic at the moment. Only change will be I'm going to run coil on plug but I can probably sort that out myself if its going to be to tricky to add in. Thanks mate
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    20v loom to adaptronic adapter

    Hey guys, I think someone around here used to make these adapters so if anyone has one there not using anymore or if someone is still making the new ones I'm all ears. I already have the stock 20v loom and the adaps. Cheers
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    Someone who has put an adaptronic on a 4age before's time!!

    I'm getting sick of my pos 86 not going and I'm almost ready to sell the stupid thing, if anyone has put an adaptronic on a 4age before or at the very least tuned an adaptroinc before and knows what they are doing I need your help!! Full workshop available where the 86 currently is or it can...
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    Individual Coil Pack conversion

    Sorry to bring this up again because I know it has been answered before but.. I just wanted to check the parts required (and see if anyone has them that they want to sell, or can tell me where I get them from) I also wanted to check if I can use my existing dizzy as a crank angle sensor...
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    Car importing rule changes

    Hey all just spotted this in another forum, does this mean no more modded hachi's are coming over???? Importation of converted vehicles under the pre 1989 scheme Related Links Application for Approval to Import a Vehicle Considerations Before Importing Eligibility Criteria Persons...
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    R32 Gtst for sale

    My r32 has to go too many damn cars at the moment and need money for the hachi i'm going to miss it :cry: any questions just let me know!! car sales add below
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    Starter Motor

    Hi all, Almost got the 86 started the other day (finally) but just as it was coughing into life the starter motor died :x are there different starter motors for the 4age small vs bigport or fwd vs rwd or anything or can I just go and grab a starter motor for any old corolla?
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    Distributor questions

    Hi all, I have just bought an adaptronic and loom and I'm in the process of installing it. at the moment I have 2 dizzy's I can use for it - one which has 3 wires connected to it which is in good nick but has a pretty ratty cap - one with 4 wires connected to it which is buggered but...
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    AE86 DC

    Hey all, I really want to buy something off AE86dc but when I try to sign up for the forums it says registration is disabled, what am I doing wrong? :?
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    ADM vs JDM front bar

    Hey guys looking at this on ebay (cause I want to be as cool as EVAN) But I'm not sure if it will fit my aussie bar, does anyone know the differences if any?
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    4age Small port Dizzy

    Looking for a 100kw small port dizzy HAS to be a 4 wire one can swap for a bigport (3 wire) one if anyone wants it but happy to pay $$$ 0423 528 706 thanks!
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    $2000 ish to spend

    Hey guys, Being new to this ae86'ing stuff I was wondering how best to make it go around corners and get it ready for the annual. Basically the car has a 4age small port but everything else is completly stock ADM spec, wheels suspension everything. So I was wondering what was the best...
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    Hey guys, I have almost got my 86 ready to start however when I grabbed the MAP sensor off a wreck (with a 4afe) I also grabbed the VSV because I assumed they would be the same however when I got it home the plug was different. Do i just attach it anyway or do I need the correct 4age small...
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    4age conversion wiring issues

    Hey guys, As you may have read in the members ride section I have inherited someone elses wiring nightmare (well its actually not that bad). There is this plug in the engine bay which I cant find a home for (damn I should be a hand model :lol: just look at my weak and woman like IT geek...
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    Sootie's Stock for the moment Levin

    Hey guys, This is the 86 I drove a car trailer all the way to SA and back to pick up (3300kms in 2 days if you were wondering, thank god for my old mans 09 Pajero). The adventure began on ebay as I was doing my monthly random hunt for an ae86 while bored in my lunch break at work. Buying...