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  1. Eircamae86

    Wiseco Piston Set 4age 16v

    Wiseco High Compression Piston Set: 4age 16v $475 POSTED Complete Piston/Ring/Pin Set new in the box Bore: 81mm Piston Material: Forged aluminium Compression Distance (in):1.208 in. Piston Head Volume (cc):+5.90cc Pin Diameter: 20mm Top Ring Thickness:1.0mm Top Ring...
  2. Eircamae86

    Best Gasket/Seal Kit

    Wrong section, blaahhhhh What's the best 4age engine gasket/seal kit readily available. e.g. Bigport Head with 42mm bottom end...
  3. Eircamae86

    ECU & Loom

    Wanted: Aftermarket ECU & Loom to suit 4age 16v on ITBs with standard dizzy/coil. No piggy-backs
  4. Eircamae86

    86 AE86 QLD Raceway

    Nothing to do with me: Pedders Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Mega Meet #3 is on! * Queensland Raceway * Sunday Aug 10th * 8am-5pm ... Bring your 86, BRZ or AE86 to: * get on track * join the photo shoot and turn 6 display * get 2 for 1...
  5. Eircamae86

    Skid Vid
  6. Eircamae86

    GrpA Ae86

    Ok, I lost the plot & bought the sister car to my GrpA ae86. Known about this car for many years, hiding in storage but never thought the phone call would come.
  7. Eircamae86

    GrpA update

    I posted on here ages ago about my GrpA ae86 but the history was unknown. Well after extensive research I can confirm (authenticated), that the car was first used at the Macau (Guia Race) round of the world touring car championship in 1983 Driven by Peter Chow in its factory Gold colour & was...
  8. Eircamae86

    20v Package

    Ready to Bolt in. 20v Blacktop Toda Cams 9.2mm lift, 304 duration Toda shim/spring kit Toda Cam pullies Kaizen Loom Mapped Adaptronic Coil packs, etc,etc Kaizen water line kit TRD copy manifold New Exedy Clutch New Altenator, belts etc. New Cusco engine mounts Prob lots more. Goes well, little...
  9. Eircamae86

    TRD Formula Atlantic Throttles

    Selling my TRD Atlantic Throttles inc fuel rail $1250 absolutely no lowball offers, they can go back on the shelf.
  10. Eircamae86

    AE86 Rally Suspension

    For Sale All new in the box. Ae86 Grp4 Fabrications Ireland front Gravel Coilovers Ae86 Bilstein Gravel Rally Rear Shocks Used springs AE86 Front Struts Assembled /Pair Fully assembled adjustable front struts Bilstein 40mm insert to suit gravel Adjustable top mount (GRP 1243)...
  11. Eircamae86

    Front Bar

    ADM or late JDM levin front bar wanted, must be straight but doesnt need to be perfect as it will be getting paint. Toowoomba-Brisbane
  12. Eircamae86

    Garage Clear-out

    Location: Toowoomba but travel to Brisbane every now & again. Can post smaller items Genuine TRD quickshift, $150 Stock T50 shifter with new bush. $20 White lines no centre piece, not perfect $100 UK rear left only, minor crack $50 Adm Sprinter rear lights not great suit drift car $30 per...
  13. Eircamae86

    FT 86 Rally Vids
  14. Eircamae86

    FT 86 Drift Vids

  15. Eircamae86

    Engine Mounts

    I have a 20v with a torn engine mount, is there much difference between the 16 & 20v mounts? I see T3 do them cheap enough.
  16. Eircamae86

    TRD quickshift

  17. Eircamae86


    4age Options & experience. Cost, hidden costs (mods), benefits.... w-series, beams, rx7, s15, ford, dog boxes, sequential................. More interested in experience than links. Went a bit mad earlier & advertised a perfect t-50 with quick shift, thing sold in mins.
  18. Eircamae86


    JDM T-50 Gearbox WITHOUT Bell-housing. Was professionally reconditioned with new 1,2,3 gears, bearings & seals. ($900) Box has only done 2 small street sprints & 1/2 a trackday. Extremely smooth shifting. Comes with stock shifter or genuine TRD quick shifter, both with new bottom bushes. $800...
  19. Eircamae86

    FRP Guards

    J-Blood/Origin Levin front guards, have stock frp want + 30mm, can swap??? J-Blood or similar rear over fenders (Notch back) No interest in flairs at present, New or used.
  20. Eircamae86

    FRP Bonnet

    Mine met a tyre wall :zoidberg: Plain frp bonnet required in SEQ.