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  1. Iain

    Wtb kouki headlights

    After a set of kouki headlights Located Sydney
  2. Iain

    1996 Series 1 200sx 5k ono

    Up for sale or swap is my 1996 Nissan Series 1 200sx Rego till April -BC BR coilovers -front strut -Apexi super suction kit -Nardi deep corn 330mm -nismo shift knob and drift button -HKS EVC Boost controller -front dba 4000 track spec rotates and project mu pads -s15 drivers seat -x force...
  3. Iain

    1996 Toyota supra RZ s

    Hello after deep considerations I think I need to sell my supra I absolutely love this car even though it was only a short ownership I felt this cars spirit ( haha I know it's wired but the only time I ever felt happier driving a car was when I owned my fort AW11) I just need the money to pay...
  4. Iain

    Respray Thread _where did you go?

    Gday all Just looking into getting my sprinter Sprayed in a 3-4 months was curious where did you go? or where would you recommand? I know when it comes to resprays you get what you paid for but Im looking for value of money :) ( not tight arse much haha) I want to respray it Blood panda.
  5. Iain

    my sensible nissan

    after crashing my mums cars a couple of weeks ago I reevaluated my mindset on modern cars if wasnt driving my mums 01 pulsar and was in say my old ke55 i know I wouldn't of been around today to write this bad grammar dribble. So I decided to go looking for a daily driver car of around the same...
  6. Iain

    Wanted cheap paint job

    Not a part per say,, but after a ghetto Cheap paint job don't want to spend heaps but want it to look ok as we'll haha Backyard job is welcome .
  7. Iain

    EFI Fuel Tank for 4age Conversion

    I know I have asked this a million times (so have a million others probably) but when it comes to a 4AGE what options are there when it comes to converting your fuel tank/pump to handle the extra pressure needed? what other model cars tanks can be retrofitted? I was at Mx5Mania Today and...
  8. Iain

    Initial D 5th Stage

    Finally its been awhile miss this series
  9. Iain

    Ecu NSW

    After a ecu for my 20v conversion nothing top flash just something to get the job done so to speak :)
  10. Iain

    Ecu for 20v conversion

    G'day all I'm wondering if I can use the standard ecu with the conversion or do I have to go aftermarket ? If so what is a good option that won't blow the budget so to speak?
  11. Iain

    [FS] AW11 MR2 Glimit NSW

    gday all up for sale is my trust old aw11 which is currently sick at the moment I believe its just the starter motor as all the lights all come on even the fuel pump noise works So I dont think it would take someone much time to get her up and running again.. it has rego till September .. It has...
  12. Iain

    aw11 problems

    gday My MR2 doesnt want to start anymore I had to jump start it the other night and now it doesnt want to start at all// Ive checked the battery and its fine 100% charge I even swapped and tried a other battery with no success. all the lights and electrics seem to work. and no fuse seems to...
  13. Iain

    Nsw ae86 parts

    G'day all I'm after a new bootlid and right hand side headlight (or just the plastic)
  14. Iain

    Finally after 10 years

    broom broom broom broom broom
  15. Iain

    1990 mazda mx5

    up for sale is my Mazda mx5 located in Campbelltown Price 7000 ONO the link for ad
  16. Iain

    AW11 for saie

    Vehicle information: Up for sale is my Mr2~~ its been a great car but i think its time to move on to something a bit more practical PERFECT for people who want to get into circuit racing and don't want to spend too much on a car. it has the eseentials (half cage, sound deadening removed etc...
  17. Iain

    The Movie Review Thread: The movies you must see

    I decided to create this opposite thread haha tell us which movies rocked your socks. Im going with the movie "Crank" I just saw it then fuck it was a buzz haha
  18. Iain

    bmx and car combo

    I want to sell my BMX (DOA Custom) DOA Prototype frame ( 1 in existence) FLY CRANKS AND BRAKES PRIMO PEDDLES FEDERAL FREECOASTER SHADOW SEAT ODSY FORKS AND BRAKE LEVER 4 PEGS SUNDAY BARS and My AE80 COROLLA (stock but with enkei mags with rego to july) TO FUNd MY AW11 need cash...
  19. Iain

    BMX DOA Primate Prototype

    up for sale is my BMX haha well im a terrible sales person but I can tell you you will not buy a better bike DOA Primate Frame 21 top tube ( only 1 in existance) Federal Freecoaster LHD with 25 tooth Snafu Sproket Fly Cranks Fly rear Brakes Primo Peddles Odessey Brake Lever Odessey...
  20. Iain

    BMX riders

    Ive noticed alot of Sprinter Owners are BMX riders haha post your ride ~~I just got back into it so i bought this toy today :) My Hillbrick Prototype Sex TOY