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  1. Otaku

    where the bloody hel is everyone??

    Social media killed forums
  2. Otaku

    2017 - already...

    Doubt it, maybe everyone just meet up at WTAC and we all can take a photo with tsuchiya together :D
  3. Otaku

    bus - o - disappoinment

  4. Otaku

    Conrads 87 GTV - BEAMS, Multipoint Cage, AP Brakes, Brides..

    I did a photoshop of that color scheme on a AE86
  5. Otaku

    HR Annual X 86 Festival [MELBOURNE] Postponed

    Hey HR Army HR will be representing and supporting the 86 Festival in Victoria! Still in the planning stages but here is a taste of things to come: Super Sprint, Drifting, Show & Shine, Parade lap, RC Drift Giving you plenty of notice to get...
  6. Otaku

    genkin's AE86 Vacationer

    So sad to see this happen to such a nice car :( But hope to see you back in the 86 game some day :D
  7. Otaku

    Shed Cleanout!

    I've already got two spares :(
  8. Otaku

    Shed Cleanout!

    Willing to sell just the demister and foglight switch from the first cluster surround?
  9. Otaku


    theres another 86 festival happening in nsw
  10. Otaku


    Get the NSW crew to represent HR at Toyotafest**Toyotafest-11-Sunday-5th-October-2014-**
  11. Otaku


    Will be in Victoria, think there doing it at a skid pan this year
  12. Otaku


    Don't know whats happening in NSW but the 86 Club of Australia are doing another mega meet on Sunday 7th December 2014. I don't think HR will organise any meets this year :(
  13. Otaku

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    Stock mode! Finally happy with the street suspension now, also changed the exhaust system to 2 inch with a resonator and smaller muffler but it's still abit loud driving at 100km on the highway. Anyone have any experience on how to make the exhaust on a AE86 quieter? Geez I sound like an old...
  14. Otaku

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    Epsilon Southern Ways Gold Mesh
  15. Otaku

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    Well I did my last track day in this car, car was going good on the day but I was driving like an idiot thinking I had Evo running gear so didn't manage to beat my lap time. Now it's time to rebuild it to showroom condition :huge-grin:
  16. Otaku

    Heater removal

    yeah i reckon you would need to block it off, or else air will cost be blowing out from the back
  17. Otaku

    Heater removal

    The heater core is apart of the blower, so the blower will still be blocking those holes
  18. Otaku

    Huws slide86 project/build up update with new jap items

    This cars gonna be nearly as awesome as mine :P
  19. Otaku

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    So improved my time at winton slightly a month ago to 1.52, then my friend beat my time by 1 second in his first go in my car :wtf: Here is his track video in my car The car had no issues this time so was able to push it and have heaps of fun! Which...
  20. Otaku

    1987 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex - Black Limited

    Whats gonna happen to the black limited shell?