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  1. Jimmee1990

    Forged 4A-GE 16v engine parts CP Tomei TRD Carrillo ARP

    I've been collecting parts for a little while to build an awesome 16v 4A-GE but plans have changed and I've changed direction. Everything is ONO, but I have researched pricing pretty thoroughly so I really doubt you'll find it cheaper elsewhere. All parts are new and un-used unless stated. Will...
  2. Jimmee1990

    WTB 42mm 4AGE Crank

    Hello, I'm chasing a crank with 42mm big end journals, so basically anything other than a bluetop. Not interested in anything with bearing damage or that has been run with old oil, and nothing that has to be posted. Let me know what you have, pm me on here or message me on 0448 076 716...
  3. Jimmee1990

    VIC: Sparco fixed back seat, Bride side mount rail, 4AGE parts, Levin mudflaps

    I have a few purchases I have my eye on so looking at moving a few things on. Some prices are slightly neg, but I am in no rush to sell anything so please don't bother with stupid offers. Sparco fixed back. Bought new 2 months or so ago, I'm quite tall and the harness holes don't line up...
  4. Jimmee1990

    I want it daily!

    Hey guys, been posting a little on here for a while and finally decided to put up a build thread. After I sold my old rusty trueno, I knew I wanted a mint car to start with and not be constantly fixing rust and paint and fixing "mods" done by people who should never work on a car again like my...
  5. Jimmee1990

    WTB 15x8ish wheels

    Hey guys, i'm after a pair of wheels around 15x8 and zero offset. A little in the negatives wouln't hurt either. Let me know what you've got.
  6. Jimmee1990

    Importing an ae86

    Hey guys, i'm currently selling my trueno and on the hunt for a cleaner one. Just wondering who has imported a decent 86, and a rough guide as to the time and costs involved in getting it landed here, compliance and ready for rego? I have a budget of around 15k, is thing going to be enough?
  7. Jimmee1990

    VIC: JDM AE86 front calipers

    Hey guys, I have a spare pair of jdm front calipers, look to be in pretty good nic. After $220 for them. Call or text on 0417 989 555