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    Goodbye Oran Park

    Ev they've sold everything off to anyone who wanted to buy it! Heritage! pfffft as if local councils care about that! What's more important is cramming 10,000's of people into new developements. I can't wait to see how the hume hwy and M5 cope with it. It's already standstill for 2hours...
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    Come grab these burnout shitters + MA61 rims for a bargain!

    EKNEI's are SOLD MA61's with usable tyres still up for sale + the non-descript rims. Perfect for a shitter for a bit of dori dori I'm currently in Japan, so DO NOT CALL (Ive removed my number) will post again when I'm back in town. PMSG me on here if you want them and i'll reserve...
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    Come grab these burnout shitters + MA61 rims for a bargain!

    I've been around! lurking :) They could be flipable? I thought about it myself... but never really took the centres off to inspect.
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    Come grab these burnout shitters + MA61 rims for a bargain!

    $100 the lot!! (MA61's used to cost like $200 for two back in the day...) SYDNEY Inner West, pickup! tyres on MA's are usable, others are not
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    Id strip every part off it and dip it in acid just to get rid of the herpes
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    HR Annual 2009 [SYDNEY : Oct 24-25] Touge & BBQ

    If you haven't seen talk of a convoy from your state.... might aswell take the reigns and start one :)
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    900RR Gokart! In the spirit of gixxerkart..... but this nutter decides to slide it on the streets!
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    Mom cancels kids WOW account! Yeeeeup!
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    The Movie Review Thread: The movies you must see

    Oh and what are everyones thoughts on Inglorious Basterds annddd District 9? Both amazing from what I've heard.
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    The Movie Review Thread: The movies you must see

    Reviving this thread! this looks pretty rad Apparently James Cameron has invented a whole new technique of filming for it.. the CG looks amazing (make sure you watch it fullscreen HD) It's either going to be really great or really bad...
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    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    your fucking nuts Harls :lol: :lol: :lol: So hey I think you need another daily now? get a 3rd one... and makesure its 4ac so then u can get another :P
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    LANners and PC Gaming nuts!

    Rewind like 10years and this wouldve been me posting this up. Except the games list would've been like; C&C: Red Alert Warcraft 2 Quake Quake: TF Quake: RA Duke3D etc :p
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    KEN Block Again

    Oh it's definitely awesome to watch!
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    Initial D on tv tonight

    SBS 2 in Sydney 9pm..... Yeah ya'll probably have it on DVD, but anyway!
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    KEN Block Again

    The guy is a show pony, nothing more. And any fanboys that wanna jump in and go ZOMGGG NOEEES!!!!!!1111 he is da best. I'll point out a few things; Sure the runs look perfect and impressive but look at all the tyre marks on the road. Fact of the matter is, its the magic of cinema and...
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    Spotted a hot looking RED hatch today on canal rd in Alexandria... had black rims and some dood wearing a hoody driving :P it flashed past too quick for me to notice anything else. Nice car though.
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    What T.V Shows You Watch?

    What's with channel 10 basically taking all of ABC's stuff? lol.... Talk'n bout your generation is also a rip off of everything ABC!
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    What T.V Shows You Watch?

    Tuesday nights are couch night... Time Team Scrapheap Challenge Grand Designs ...and a double episode of The Bill :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    The STIG revealed! I'd say it's a stunt. But hey... it got the crowd going!
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    oh 2jz no shit

    oh my.... that was golden sounds like its been copy/pasted from some forum? lol