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    Im outta here!

    Well Guys and Girls, After about 2 years and 4 months I'm leaving Grp4 as of tomorrow, I'm moving to the other side of the country and starting a new job come monday so the running of this section will be taken over by Torsten the managing director of Grp4. It's been great designing and...
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    Container heading to AUS with space available

    Hi Guys, We have an australian customer sending a container via sea freight from the uk to australia shortly, if you have any parts requirements we can have them shipped in this container for a fraction of the normal air freight. The only catch is it will take approx 6 weeks to reach...
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    Wilwood Brake Kits 260mm and 275mm

    275mm and 260mm brake kits to suit 13" - 15" wheels Kit consists of 2 off Wilwood Dynalite calipers 2 off Drilled and vented discs (grooved only discs $50AU extra) All mounting brackets and fitting kit Brake pads Braided stainless steel hose kit Tech: 257 x 23mm disc for...
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    Track and road brake kits

    We're currently developing a number of new brake kits for fast road and track use, should have a kit using 260 x 23mm discs for cars running 13" wheels and a kit using 280 x 25mm discs for cars running 15" wheels Two piece steel mounting bracket, needs to be drilled and tapped yet but you...
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    Lower control arms and Tension rod kit

    AE86 adjustable Lower control arms and Tension rods. In-situ adjustable rose jointed lower control arms with rose jointed insitu adjustable tension rods and all mounting hardware. Allows for quick and easy adjustment of camber and castor with zero deflection under load €346...
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    Adjustable Track Control Arms

    AE86 adjustable Track control arms/pair In-situ adjustable for ease of camber adjustment. strenghtened and gusseted supplied with H/D Aurora rose joint and H/D M12 bolt. €177.69 Approx $210AU depending on exchange rates
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    AE86 Traction Brackets

    Bolt on Traction Brackets, relocate the lower rear axle link arm for greater traction on lowered cars. 3 different height settings to allow for adjustment Approximately $100.86AUD per pair depending on exchange rates
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    AE86 Relocated Tension Rod Brackets

    Heavy Duty Tension Rod body brackets which keep factory suspension geometry when using rosejointed tension rods. Also allow for greater ease of changing / adjusting anti roll bars. Approximately $110AUD per pair depending on exchange rates
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    Alloy Battery Trays (All sizes)

    Lightweight alloy battery trays to suit different size batteries approx $68 each depending on exchange rates
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    AE86 5 Pc Polycarbonate Window Kits ( 2 door and 3 door)

    AE86 5 piece PC window kit to suit 2 door coupe or 3 door hatchback Our kits are manufactured with sliders, 211 x 195mm opening We use only Grade A materials from our suppliers MACROLON & LEXAN. You can chose from either a clear or bronze tint, all in UV grade (does not deteriorate with...
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    Grp4 Fabrications Work In Progress / New Products

    Just going to post up pictures here of stuff we have going on as we're developing new products. First set of relocated tension brackets
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    Adjustable Tension Rod Kit

    AE86 Adjustable Tension rod kit. Rose jointed in situ adjustable Tension rods to allow for quick and easy castor adjustment with zero deflection under load. Super strong single piece heat treated rod with Zinc plated adjuster and mounting bracket. Comes complete with all bolts and...
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    Adjustable 4 links

    ADJUSTABLE 4 LINK KIT POLYBUSHED Manufactured from CDS tube and zinc plated. Super strong and lightweight. Bars are strapped for extra strength. Rose jointed on one end and 2 piece SUPERFLEX bush on other. Supplied with motorsport quality Aurora rose joints and all spacers and...
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    Hydraulic Handbrakes

    Any of these handbrakes with Spurious Cylinder or with Girling Cylinder Diy Hydraulic Handbrake Kit Ratchet Type Hydraulic Handbrake Vertical and Horizontal types available All manufactured in house here in Ireland, not chinese quality!
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    AE86 Rosejointed Track Rod Ends

    AE86 Rose jointed track rod end kit. High Tensile (EN24T) steering end adaptors and rose joints to convert your Steering rack ends to rose jointed type. (Ideal for correcting bump steer) Comes complete with high tensile pin and high angle spacers $173 AU (approximate price...
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    AE86 Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Kit

    AE86 Heavy Duty Lower Control Arm Kit Insitu adjustable heavy duty lower control arm kit to suit AE86 including Rose jointed insitu adjustable tension rod Manufactured using our unique and super strong bearing housing design Replaceable spherical bearings both ends Complete with...
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    GRP4 Fabrications Mission Statement & Contact Details

    GRP4 Fabrications is Ireland's leading manufacturer of motorsport components having started off in 2002 manufacturing parts for mk1 and 2 Ford Escort rally cars, we use only the best quality materials and machining methods to produce high quality suspension components, fuel and oil tanks and...