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  1. mosqiton-ae8686

    FS [Japan] USED Toda Racing Adjustable Cam Gears x2 for the 16 valve 4AGE

    Time for me to clear out some stuff that I no longer need. Condition: Used. Location: Tokyo Japan Price : $200.00 shipped to anywhere in Australia PM or email me tougeten (at) gmail I have a lot more things to sell. Just have to take photos of them first.
  2. mosqiton-ae8686

    What's your favorite body kit for the AE86?

    I just wanted to know what do you guys like. What's your favorite look for the AE86? For me, Levin Coupe = Hibino's old look Levin Hatch = Run Free (Which I have now) Trueno Hatch = Tec Arts D1 style (not their N2 Race car look) What kits are available in Oz? Just the D Max kits?
  3. mosqiton-ae8686

    Full Titanium Cat Back Systems: AE86 brothers, your support is needed!

    It has taken me years of persistence and finally I am close! The head management at Tomei Powered Inc in Japan is now considering going ahead with the development and production of a Full Titanium cat back system for the AE86! Yes that's right, FULL as in the piping and hanger arms are...
  4. mosqiton-ae8686

    FS: 5.375 Final Gear Kit

    Ratio: 5.375 (DISCONTINUED TRD RATIO) BRAND NEW IN BOX! Recommend Rally and Track Use ONLY This kit is MADE IN JAPAN and comes with TRD and Toyota fitting accessories complete! these will be shipped direct from Japan to your door almost anywhere in the world. High grade materials are used...
  5. mosqiton-ae8686

    WTB: AE101 Silver Top ITB assembly

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Silver top individual throttle assembly in good working condition. Has anyone got one available for sale? or if you know anyone who does, please let me know. thanks!
  6. mosqiton-ae8686

    FS: Power FC with Hand Commander controller for the 4AGE

    FS: Power FC with Hand Commander controller for the 4AGE - SOLD! I have this very popular hard to get Apexi Power FC Engineering that is rare in very good condition, ready to connect straight to your engine loom, no hassles, no wiring needed, plugs straight in. Please check the photos of the...
  7. mosqiton-ae8686

    Tomei Powered is listening

    Hi Fellow Toyota owners and lovers. I'm just starting up this new thread to help get your feedbacks and opinions to one of the well known Japanese manufacturers, right here in Tokyo. Since language is a common barrier, I thought I'd help bridge that gap. So please feel free to let me...
  8. mosqiton-ae8686

    AE86 Matsuri 2010

    ok, so who's going to be there tomorrow?
  9. mosqiton-ae8686

    2010 AE86 Festivals in Japan

    For the serious AE86 fans, Just going to make a list of festivals that are happening in Japan this year. Usually Summer time is when they all start happening. Fist announcement made recently is the big meet for AE86. the HACHIROCK FESTA Link HachiRock Festa 2010 I'll put more up...
  10. mosqiton-ae8686

    World Time Attack Challenge 2010 - Yoshioka

    Well fellow AE86 and D1GP fans, the announcement that hopefully will bring a smile to your faces, D1GP Pro Driver and Formula D Driver Toshi King (Yoshioka) is COMING TO SYDNEY! He will be putting on a live demo at Eastern Creek Raceway at the WORLD TIME ATTACK CHALLENGE EVENT...
  11. mosqiton-ae8686

    FS: AP Engineering Apexi Power FC ECU for 4AGE

    hi 4AG fans, I am putting this up for my friend who has this Rare popular ECU ready for sale. Asking price is $900 USD delivered and payment to be made via Paypal If you have any questions feel free to ask but basically it is as shown in the photos The ECU is in LA California USA so it...
  12. mosqiton-ae8686

    MoSqiToN's Revised '80's Thrashbox

    well after all these years, I figured it was time to put my oldschool trasher up here for once. Sorry for the delays Garth! So far since I had sold my old one in Australia, I am on my 3rd AE86 now (2nd one in Japan) and I ended up with this. It's still not where I really want it so it's still...
  13. mosqiton-ae8686

    Standard suspension and diff wanted

    Ok guys I know someone in Adelaide has these parts lying around and unwanted. I need these parts Standard Castor rods Standard Front full strut setup (springs, shocks etc) Standard Rear shocks Standard Rear Springs please PM me or let me know thanks
  14. mosqiton-ae8686

    Clear Bumper Indicators

    Now Available. Clear Indicator Lens for Levin (for Late Model Only) $114.00 . Clear Indicator Lens for Trueno (for Late Model Only) $98.00 Prices are delivered to your door.
  15. mosqiton-ae8686

    Final Gear and Pinion Kit for sale

    I have 4.778 final gear for sale. [other sizes available upon request] Price is $520.00 delivered to your door. Any questions feel free to contact me. This item is in Japan Shipping is via EMS ETA is 4-5 days once sent.
  16. mosqiton-ae8686

    What Ueo and Hibino are using in D1GP

    Ueo Katsuhiro Is running a TOMEI POWERED Custom GENESIS engine built by Muto-San and TOMEI POWERED TECHNICAL TRAX LSD unit. Ueo now only uses 16v for his competition cars (and has quite a few of them too) HIBINO is also now using TOMEI POWERED TECHNICAL TRAX LSD unit as well. Hibino...