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    Locked to lsd centre

    Hey there, I've got a zenki drum t series diff with a locked centre, im looking to drop a zenki trd 2-way lsd in there. I'm a noob so im asking can it be done? or do i need a complete diff. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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    Changing the AE86's rear axle.

    Changing the AE86's rear end. Hey all, The previous owner of my ADM ae86 decided to lock the diffs up. As it is an ADM, I am looking to swap the rear end out for a JDM one with an lsd. My research so far has told me that I will need a JDM rear end as well as a tailshaft due to difference in...
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    Hey guys, just recently joined after surfing on this site a couple of months:huge-grin:. So, I was looking to get an AE86 and what do I find? Yup, a Black Limited. I was quite stoked:ultra-shocked:. I did tonnes of research before I contacted him but I ended up chickening out :( because $27,000...