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    Trueno bonnet - NSW

    Hi, Im after a trueno bonnet in NSW, I am willing to travel a bit to pick it up. I would prefer a cheap/damaged one in bad condition as it will be modified to fit my car. FRP is preferable thanks adan
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    red autotechnica seats [syd]

    Ive got some red seats out of my 86 for sale now. Theyre red autechnica/monza seats from repco or something. Theyre in pretty good condition, just need to be steam cleaned to get some of the dirt out of them. Pretty sure theyre adr approved which is a bonus. Use them to get your car...
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    adans new sensible car

    Ive been lurking on this forum for a while now, I liked watching the scene but never had the balls to finally get a proper car :P After going through quite a few cars over the last few years Ive been on a few forums and tried to be cool like all the other kids out there. I found after about 6...