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  1. Steve20v

    New Whip!

    Picked up the new girl today, hopefully this is isnt as frustrating as the AE86 could be when it wanted to. 2015 Toyota 86 BlackLine Edition Manual White/black TRD kit Red leather additions to the interior Black Decal on bonnet and roof What else can i say i love it, yet to drive it thou...
  2. Steve20v

    Anyone brought from Retro-Spec yet! Thoughts on quality, packaging, fitment?
  3. Steve20v

    Stuff 4sale, have a look makes offers, i dont bight.

    Been hoarding used crap for too long and another purchase is on the way so i need to recoupe some dosh. *1 x whiteline none adj front sway bar $160(now $120) (currently using and will be taking it out shortly) *1 x front cusco swaybar $160(now $150) (i never tried it on) *1 x rear cusco sway...
  4. Steve20v

    Magnets for oil filters.

    So a bloke at work the other week was telling me about these magnets for oil filters to help trap more abrasive particles in the filter, he is a knowledgeable chap who has built many hot rods. I dont doubt his wisdom, so i thought yeah it seems legit enough i guess. So i ask, worth it? pro's...
  5. Steve20v

    Silver Top injectors

    1 of my injectors is up the sit and i need another. Would ideally prefer all 4 so i can send them off to get tested and cleaned. Last clean i was told 1 of the injectors wouldnt last long and when tested it was barely spraying, more of a splutter/droplets then a spray. Anyways they came back...
  6. Steve20v

    A friendly wager WTAC

    Probably a bit late now but i feel like a friendly wager on quickest lap times for WTAC this year :hardogay:. Bonus Kudos for the time and car. For me im thinking a 1.28.2 and Tanagushi will do it.
  7. Steve20v

    [EOI] at the moment.

    Withdrawn from EOI im keeping the old girl. More money out the door but its worth it. I still blame Pete thou, jealousy is a curse i tell ya :hardogay:
  8. Steve20v


    So who's going to WTAC, pretty sure ill stay the Friday night somewhere, can we BBQ that night somewhere? Would be good to catch up again.
  9. Steve20v


    Anyway we can tidy the emotions up alittle, im not 1 with all the shortcuts used to create an emotion, i like to look >>>>> when typing and find 1 i want and clicking it, That is all.
  10. Steve20v

    So what happened to Toda Aus?

    I see Pete's having trouble with Toda Aus, has he fallen from the earth?
  11. Steve20v

    Cage decision

    Well folks to time has come for a decision cams, suspension or cage. Cam and suspension info is easy enough to gather but cage info im a little baffled, naturally needs to be street legal. Anyone still making cages these days. Bonds aren't returning my calls or emails and to be honest bonds...
  12. Steve20v

    Worlds quickest AE86 apparently.
  13. Steve20v

    ae86 4 link + 20v trumpets + powersteer arms, now sideskirts

    Just looking to off load some gear im not planing on using anytime soon to fund cams and springs. Ill get pics up soon. 1* 4 x 20v silver top trumpets, pretty well made, nice clean welds, approx 50mm long polished silver look. Sorry i originally said 70mm but i was wrong decided to keep...
  14. Steve20v

    New/different wiper arms

    what are folks doing/using if their factory arms are up the shit. Im guessing most wiper arms on any model car are pretty generic in design and would swap easily. Bonnet clearance is about the only issue i see.
  15. Steve20v

  16. Steve20v

    4puk excedy clutch and bt flywheel combo

    Going with something different and will have these avail in a couple of weeks. Will post, total weight id guess at 9kgs, maybe 10kg. Location Newcastle NSW area. $390 together Flywheel - $140 Clutch - $250 Flywheel... well its a flywheel. Only been machined once that i know of, and...
  17. Steve20v

    Headlight adjustment dont work

    Any idea on fixing this adjustment for levin lights. I know ive seen a thread on it somewhere, buggered if i can find it again.
  18. Steve20v

    What interior sticker where?

    Just sprucing up the old girl and was wondering what people have on there interior Now i dont plan to copy anyone just after ideas. Im strugglin to get the old mind cranking today.
  19. Steve20v

    Hachi brakes

    Going a different route with brake so ill need to get rid of my setup if any 1 is interested. Both sides avail, slotted solid DBA rotors, rebuilt Oz spec calipers. Probably 1yr old, since ive had engine trouble, i rarely drive it, they would only have 5000kms on them. No pads, hubs or...
  20. Steve20v

    new seat belts

    Howdy gang, well the old girl is falling apart and needs some attention. Im going too start with seat belts. Since ill be going for a black interior 1 day ill ask where to find/buy black seat belts. Any other models known too fit and work legally. Are harness's legal in NSW with a rear...