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    Ae86 Levin yellow foglights

    Hey people have forsale a pair of ae86 levin foglights... No brackets 0449757098
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    JDM headlights/tailights/foglights/grills

    Hello and welcome! I have a shitload of AE86 parts for sale. Location: Adelaide (North) Parts and prices are as follows; Levin Kouki headlights inc fog brackets and eyelids. Condition: Good Price: $450 ADM headlights Condition: Good Price: $300 Levin Kouki headlight "eyelids" Condition...
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    TRD Bible

    Hi all have 2x TRD Bibles for sale. Both as new condition. One has a small crease top left...see pics $250ea. posted.
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    Fog lights//flip grille//kouki trueno eyelids

    Gentleman I have for sale some very nice hard to get bits. Item 1: Pair of yellow Levin fog-lights good condition (no brackets) price $275 Item 2: Pair of white Levin fog-lights good condition (no brackets) price $275 Item 3: Zenki GT Apex Levin flip grille mint condition. price $400...
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    SSR MK3 14x8+0

    for sale a set of SSR MK3 14x8+0 in gold come with 185/60 tires with at least 90% tread pics can be viewed here 2 were near new when i got them not long ago and the other 2 i had the rash removed. 4x114.3pcd price:$2000...
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    RARE SSR Focus Five

    Hi all have for sale a set of rare 14'' ssr focus five for sale with 195/60 advan A050 semi's still with good tread cond: few nicks in the lip but no bends or anything too severe. pics can be seen here
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    RWD 4AGE Alt brackets

    Hi all I have for sale 4 alt brackets. Location SA $180each
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    86 trueno coupe

    Hi all After much thought I have decided to move this on. Truth be told Im looking to import a different ae86 so this a Has to go. 1986 Trueno coupe. 24x, xxxks Specs engine: 16v bigport jasma headers to Janspeed over diff system. pod filter advanced timing earthing kit. footwork...