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  1. Chad

    please get on board

    Hi All please support an old AE86 owner- me, I have been working on a car/trackcars classifieds website for the last 12 months. Now its finished , we are now starting our marketing campaign to open with a draw to in $500 just for advertising your car on our side free...
  2. Chad

    HR GoKart Champion Returns with his new GTS

    Wow it's been awhile since been back on the forums, well this is my new daily drive, totally happy to be back in a drivers car, the 86 is such a pleasure to drive!! couldn't get the image button to Except my URL :headshake:
  3. Chad


    JDM bleeding panda levin GTV Apex in Great Cond!!! Only owner in australia! imported by Pro K! Just complied and with 10 months QLD Rego and with Road safety cert. Car has just been serviced (last week) by Kaizen Garage, new engine, gear oil, new spark plugs and HKS air filter! Also got...
  4. Chad

    wanted 1 x Zenki axle ASAP

    arrrr i have a later model levin with a Zenki diff!!!! just go the centre 2way rebuilt and i need an axle ASAP! in brisbane, will pay post from interstate chad 0405 439 170
  5. Chad

    PS3 GT4 U.S version new

    hey losers, im about to fly out of kuwait back to Ausland, anyway i wanted to buy a sony PS3 but there out of stock, :cry: but i did buy 2 x GT4 U.S version!! one for me and one for sale!! hit me up if keen. chad
  6. Chad

    buying new parts from japan..

    hey guys, since i have brought my new hachi i have been doing alot of parts shopping on forums and parts shops, a few things have been pissing me off! 1. crazy over the top prices! 2. never in stock 3. delivery sixty billion weeks from japan 4. bad customer service before i...
  7. Chad

    chads 1985 levin GTV Apex

    all cleaned up hours of detailing fun fun, it was so dirty. when i look at her now i think about keeping lol
  8. Chad

    old skool Nike Air force 1, Air max 97 and more!

    i have 1 pair of nike air force 1 white size 11us $95 plus post and 1 pair of air max 97 silver $95 plus post. both brand new! i have a good contact in nike and can can get air max 90's and jordans as well. Shot at 2007-07-02 Shot at 2007-07-02both sold
  9. Chad

    My new 86...

    well i got around to picking up my third 86 on the weekend, an Aus spec 84... was a little rust but is in pretty good condition! big plans for this car which will only be for the track! this time i have a couple of great friends to help out... :D...
  10. Chad

    s13 sr20 front callpers

    s13 sr20 front callpers with no pads, $50 nicka! melbourne pick up only
  11. Chad

    Wanted- AE86's to be photographed, Melbourne...

    hey my dudes, i am willing to photograph some 86's for free to boost my car photography skills, cars must be top notch! and will have to work around my timings and location... for your time you get semi pro shoots of your car! post or pm me if interested. Chad...
  12. Chad

    Drift allince clothing...

    what do people think about the drift allince clothing range? i got one of there tshirts that i got at irwindale last year, its signed by one of the drivers dont know which one. i was in the grandstand and they fired some tshirts into the crowd, was a great catch as i had been drinking long...
  13. Chad

    Sony PSP (white) for sale...

    in near new condition, i bought it late last year and pretty much only used it on the flights to and from the USA! still under warrenty comes with F1 2006 and the 3x Blade movies. no marks or damage. $200+post chad
  14. Chad

    wanted Rolling shell AE86 Melbourne...

    must be in good nick, little rust etc! call me on 0405 439170 chad
  15. Chad

    Me... Happy Christmas!

    G'day to all those who know me, as i have been away from the forum for most of the year i thought i would link my photo page for you dudes to look at... been pretty busy with the Army going to the US and picking my photography back up i havent had much time for AE86's. hopefly next year i...
  16. Chad

    Cusco fixed racing seat and others Tread and link sorted!

    dudes i have a rare cusco fixed racing seat thats in ok nick apart from one rip! just needs some love! Photos later, price is $120.00 call me or post, 0409 130 816 or i forgot, i have a few other items too! like full face tail lights, $100 sold 35mm rca's new, $60 given...