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  1. Anastasios

    Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres

    For sale: Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres $700 Condition: Second hand with new centre caps Pictures: Contact Details: PM here, reply here, sms 0415 84one 646 Location: Sydney Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Can post if required
  2. Anastasios

    [NSW] 3 x Omori gauges Oil temp, Oil press, Water temp

    Hi all, I am selling my 3 Omori gauges which I imported from Japan last year. Perfect look for 80s and early 90s cars, seen in many AE86 and S13s Located in Earlwood will post at buyers expense Price $300
  3. Anastasios

    Front AE86 coilover suspension question

    Hey guys, Would like to hear some thoughts on my front AE86 coilover strut setup before I take it from the ke70 and put into the ae71. At the moment the strut fits a 332mm KYB ST185 Excel G shock part number 365077, with no spacer at the bottom. I would like to run TRD blue 48511-AE031 with...
  4. Anastasios

    Wanted to borrow jdm ae86 intake

    Hey guys. Need to clear defect. Can I borrow intake from anyone? Will return on tuesday
  5. Anastasios

    AE86 disc T series into AE71/KE70

    Hi all, What handbrake cables are used when using a T series disc rear end into ae71? I currently have the AE86 disc cables but they do not fit. I have read that you can use the camry splitter piece near the handbrake? What have you guys done in the past? Note ae71/ke70 are different to AE86
  6. Anastasios

    JDM vs ADM AE86 brake booster

    Hi all, Are there any differences between the JDM and ADM AE86 brake boosters? I will have jdm ae86 disc brakes all round and will be installing JDM prop valve and was wondering if I should do booster while i am at it. Cheers
  7. Anastasios

    Oil for TRD LSD

    Hi all, First time owner of a TRD LSD centre. What diff oil do you guys run? I really would like to get a hold of some of the TRD stuff, I have also been told to over fill via the axles. Thoughts?
  8. Anastasios

    Pair 15in 4 x 114.3 ROH Casino rims (as used on Bathurst AE86)

    Hi all Have a pair of ROH Casino rims in 15in 4 x 114.3 stud pattern. Get those period correct brake cooling rims on your build I am missing one centre cap (will check garage) These were used on 1988 John Faullkners AE86 and also on this one and here are mine Looking for 300 for...
  9. Anastasios

    Worked 5K with kawasaki quad throttles, 1.6l

    I have unfortunately decided to sell the 5K setup in my KE70 Specs: 5K block which has been decked about 5mm with 5K crank and 5K head 4AGE bluetop pistons and rods machined to suit 10.7:1 compression ratio Designed to run on 98 octane All internals balanced except for flywheel as I had...
  10. Anastasios

    WTB T series diff

    Hi all after a t series, pref disc brake big axle, 4.7s with lsd let me know whats out there.
  11. Anastasios

    Garage Sale!

    Hi all, Have a bunch of stuff for sale T18 series 1 t series with sway bar mounts welded on AE71 BW diff JDM AE86 exhaust manifold AE82 4AGE timing covers other stuff cheep cheep
  12. Anastasios

    Clutch pedal adjustment

    Hi all, Got my new clutch/fly/thrust bearing in, but i want to lower the friction point as it is right at the top atm. I have tried screwing the fork on the top of the clutch pedal in but it seems to be the same? Any tips appreciated car is ae71 with adm t50 bell using a smallport...
  13. Anastasios

    AE86 seats pair

    Hey all, Looking for a pair of ae86 seats, can be adm or jdm, my 71 passenger seat has seen better days and i need a drivers seat for my 70 let me know whats out there pref in sydney
  14. Anastasios

    T-50 Gearbox oil

    Hi all, had some issues going into reverse about a week ago, what gearbox oil have you had success with and do you fill from filler plug or shifter hole? I removed my filler plug and some oil came out, I must have over filled it from the shifter hole when I put it all together a while...
  15. Anastasios

    ADM AE86 rear sway bar size

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows what the stock rear sway bar size is on an ADM AE86? Im trying to figure out what bush to use with my AE71 stock swaybar and S series diff
  16. Anastasios

    S Series Swaybar bush covers

    AE86 Swaybar bush covers D bracket Hi all, I need 2 x sway bar bush covers (the metal straps that bolt to diff and slot into the housing) for an AE86 Part number is 48832‑12030 Let me know whats out there
  17. Anastasios

    TRD 4AGE oil filter differences

    Hi all, Ordered a 90915-SP000 oil filter and got delivered a 90915-SP010. I would like to know what the difference is between the two and if i can use the SP010 on my JDM AE86 bigport 4AGE I have a feeling the SP010 is taller and narrower than the SP000 and made for a smallport...
  18. Anastasios

    4AGE 16v OEM Head Gasket

    Hi all, Looking for a Toyota head gasket for my 4age 16v and also Toyota head bolts Toyota can get the head gasket from japan as well as the intake side bolts, exhaust side are in stock. anyone have one laying around they would like to sell? or should i just go with a TRD one? my...
  19. Anastasios

    WTB AE86 Map sensor 89421-12020

    Hi all, Just want to test if my Map sensor is gone, my part number is 89421-12020 anyone got one in syd i can borrow/test urgently? Im taking car to track on sunday and want it running right! Is the ae82 map sensor with part number 89421 - 12030 the same?
  20. Anastasios

    Tips to make exhaust around the 92-95 db mark

    Hi all, Will be taking my 71 to Marulan on the 21st. It has a stock bluetop with pod filter and exhaust. Exhaust wise i have 4-1 extractors, one resonator then one high flow muffler. I have a flange before the diff so i can get a quieter muffler/silencer on there. What are your...