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    Come grab these burnout shitters + MA61 rims for a bargain!

    $100 the lot!! (MA61's used to cost like $200 for two back in the day...) SYDNEY Inner West, pickup! tyres on MA's are usable, others are not
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    900RR Gokart! In the spirit of gixxerkart..... but this nutter decides to slide it on the streets!
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    Mom cancels kids WOW account! Yeeeeup!
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    Initial D on tv tonight

    SBS 2 in Sydney 9pm..... Yeah ya'll probably have it on DVD, but anyway!
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    The STIG revealed! I'd say it's a stunt. But hey... it got the crowd going!
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    Best TV show ever!
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    SOLD: My Mint JDM 1986 Trueno Coupe!

    Yes check out the thread here; 1986 AE86 TRUENO COUPE (Kouki) 4AGE 16V (Smallport) Carb Quad intake trumpets adapted to EFI intake. 272 Cams FREEDOM ECU (8000rpm redline/cut) APEXI SAFC -- 2-1/4" exhaust with Headers...
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    FIRE SALE time... rims rims rims + gbox/other goodies.

    2of MA61 with black painted centers. 14x7 +8 Rim condition: Tops (may need repainting/polish) Tyres: 50% tread $150 2of XR4 LONGCHAMPS!. 15x7.5 -10 (or more / there abouts?) Rim Condition: Tops (needs polish/clean) Tyres: 80% tread (Falken Ziex!) $450 SOLD!!!!!!!! 4of Enkei AP...
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    The legend of thumbman! check out some of the photochops, rofl!
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    Impressive acco Check out how high up the car got in the second pic! :o
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    Will it drift? and lol
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    WTB: ADM Doors! or SWAP for JDM (lighter!)

    I have two mint JDM doors (mint panel wise, not paint wise) theyre bleeding panda red. They are probably 1-2kg lighter than ADM doors because they dont have side intrusion beams. This would be good if you had a track car with a cage.... save some weight. Will be a straight swap for ADM doors...
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    WTB: Coupe Rear boot interior! (everything!)

    I'm after everything that goes in the rear boot of a coupe this includes: -plastic moulds (not cracked) -carpet -wheel cover cardboard thingy (if in good condition) prefer everything in black, but will accept other colours if condition is mint. PM me or reply to thread! cheers.
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    The composite Miss Universe

    This is pretty interesting. What makes someone beautiful? Check out this article and then the photo below;
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    3M Electrical Tape... where to buy?

    This is becoming border-on laughable. I'm sick to death of using regular electrical tape for wiring because as most people know, give those shoddy tapes a bit of heat and they unwind and then leave sticky residue. ANYWAY. 3M is the stuff I want, except I cannot find it anywhere (which is...
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    AE86 Girl drift tournament?! AE86 Girl drift tournament?!
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    WTD: XT130 control arms!

    It's a long shot but I figure maybe someone got a pair somewhere and never ended up putting them in their hachi? Thought I'd ask before I go roll in the dirt at pick n payless :p
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    Really want some beer? Hmm

    Do you A. ask your neighbor for money for said beer or do you B. Sell your 32year old wife to your 60yr old neighbor as a sex slave over several weeks in return for cartons of beer...