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  1. regginblack

    Ae86 and ke70 heater cores. Different?

    Been looking to replace the snapped heater core in my 86, there's one in my Ke, but I'm just wondering if the gaps between the outlets are the same. I've noticed that the outlets face the opposite way in the 86 to what they do in the Ke. Any other differences? Are they interchangeable?
  2. regginblack

    Bottom rad hose replacement

    Hey guys, Have just changed my alternator setup from the abortion it once was to a proper RWD one on my 4age 16v, but I've been having issues finding a bottom rad hose to suit it. Tried stock one and it didn't work as it fouled the alternator and came up short. I've now made a custom one using...
  3. regginblack

    4age with quads and adaptronic running rough at idle

    hey guys, My setup is a 4age bigport 16v with quads, coil over plug ignition (small port dizzy as CAS) and adaptronic. For some reason cylinders 2 and 3 i think it is are not firing at idle and are fouling plugs. however at higher idle they are working. As this is a daily this is unacceptable...
  4. regginblack

    4agte water lines to turbo and to heater when running FWD water setup

    Hey guys, know the basic idea of what goes where into the turbo in terms of oil feed and return but having some issues working out the water setup. I am currently running a 4agte in a ke70 and am using a fwd water setup in conjunction with the 4age/4ac external thermostat housing. Currently it...
  5. regginblack

    adaptronic map

    Hey guys, Just wondering if you had a spare adaptronic e420C map for a 4age big port running quad throttles and coil over plug ignition? Thanks Kumar
  6. regginblack

    38cm turbosmart wastegates, are they real or fake?

    Hey guys getting external gate for my new whip, being new to turbos i was just wondering if A) this is real and B) if its fake is it worth buying...
  7. regginblack

    Ae70 two door interior

    Hey guys, Just bought a two door ae70 and it has NO interior parts whatsoever. Any idea what dash/seatbelts/seat rails will fit into it? It also has quite a bit of rust in the rear quaters and under the rear window, as well as the front window. Just wondering if anyone knows of what a similar...
  8. regginblack

    (VIC) 1984 ADM Sprinter with 4age

    Hey guys, Selling a project car i thought i would have time for, but don't. 1984 4age 16v converted sprinter, never registered since conversion (i bought it already converted and was aiming to get it on the road but never had enough cash for rego) two small rust spots, clean interior and...
  9. regginblack

    help with oil pressure build up

    Hey guys, ive been having issues with my bigport 4age 16v throttle body lately as its not shutting correctly, so i changed to a new one. i proceeded to drive it for a few days with the new Throttle body, but i realised the hole leading to the accessory thing was not plugged in, and it was...
  10. regginblack

    Clutch master cylinder

    Hey guys, My clutch master cylinder is leaking again. Ive had the car for 1 year and ive changed it twice, first was to a used part, next to a new one from repco. i changed the slave cylinder soon after, but now the master cylinder is leaking again. dont know why this keeps happening, but want...
  11. regginblack


    bride rail that will sit low, for a fixed back bride on drivers side. i Live on the west side of melbourne but can drive around melbourne to pick it up
  12. regginblack

    Coolant leaking issues

    Hey guys, Im having issues working out the name of the part that is leaking and where to source one from. Its the two metal nipples that are behind the water pump that connect to hoses which in turn connect to the throttle body. mine appear to have rusted away near the bracket and is leaking...
  13. regginblack

    ae86 on the shambles

    hey guys, just wondering who's hachi was in the shambles skit "barry the tightarse?" think it was season 2?? would be someone in melb i think....
  14. regginblack

    mounting JDM foglamps to ADM levin

    hey guys, just got a pair of JDM yellow fog lamps and want to mount them onto an ADM levin, but the lamps didn't come with a switch or wires to the back of it. Being a klutz i was wondering if anyone has wired these up before, if i can connect it to the main electrical system or if i have to run...
  15. regginblack

    random vid with lots of ae86 coupe crashes

    just saw this and nearly cried, too many coupes put to rest
  16. regginblack

    Reggin's Revvin

    Hey guys, thought I should stop being anonymous and actually introduce myself and my hachi. While Im at uni at the moment trying to avoid doing an assignment, i have no access to pictures, therefore ill just give some info on how my car has progressed since i got it: Original purchase was...
  17. regginblack

    What parts needed fit a JDM speed warner to a ADM sprinter

    Hey guys, Trying to find out what parts i need to give my car the JDM takumi ding every time I go over 110. Is it just a speaker? And if so where can i source it from?
  18. regginblack

    Custom front lips

    hey guys, any suggestions for a custom front lip? I was gonna use garden edging, but i heard you could make a custom one from the front lip of a corona or something and cutting it to fit. any details on that or am i totally incorrect?
  19. regginblack

    what stereo configs do you guys have

    hey guys, am about to remove the rear seats and parcel shelf out of my 86 hatch, wondering where to mount my 6x9s, and if making a custom box where the seats used to be is the best way to go. also i have a sub in box im thinking about fitting, wondering if its worth the weight, and if i should...
  20. regginblack

    Charge light on dash

    Hey guys, first off like to say as a newish owner this forum has helped heaps thanks to others posts in fixing the various problems ive had so far with my car. One day wile driving in the city, i had my stereo up kinda loud when the motor started cutting out, loosing all power and jerking. at...