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  1. PETE

    s13 rear disc and adaptor plate upgrade help

    Ok guys before i left for canada I install the s13 rear rotors and custom brackets to improve the rear end swell as the hand brake. Well the rear braking was a lot better but the hand brake was terrible,has anyone else had this issue. Ive been sitting on this problem for 10 months wondering what...
  2. PETE

    WHATS UP HR?????

    Hey guys just doing a shout out to see how everyone and there 86s are going?? Been in Canada living the ski bum life since november. Got to see my first 86 here few weeks back, heard it before I saw thats normally the case right?? Anyways if I manage to get some shots, ill definitely...
  3. PETE

    EOI:SSR MK3 s 15x8-12 15x9-0

    Seriously considering sell my near perfect SSR mk3s Had them on my car 4 awhile and thinking i need a change. Pair of 15x8-12 and 15x9-0 Excellent rash or marks Location:newcastle nsw $2200 wont seperate the pairs unless two buyers Will swap for miesters or rims of interest...
  4. PETE

    Go one piece Tailshaft or 2 piece??? That is the question

    Righto people what's your thoughts? I'm currently doing the supra box conversion and wondering what people think. Cheers in advance
  5. PETE


    Ok peeps i've got some SSR mrk3s forsale,ive had them for awhile and its time for a change. Specs: 15x8 + 13 Pair can supply with road tyres or none at all 15x8 - 12 Pair also can supply road tyres or none at all Condition: couple of marks and rash on them.. Location: Newcastle NSW...
  6. PETE

    Off to the USA

    Ok peeps ill be off as of Friday. Ill be on the Hachi lookout. Cya's on return :-D
  7. PETE

    defi gauge,blitz turbo timer FS

    ok guys ive got these laying around,wont be using them anymore as I dont own a turbo. blitz turbo timer, Worked perfect went removed from my evo 7. have cut the vacumm line to get it out of the dash,but there is 3 inches of line that just need a straight adapter to join a new line $150 posted...
  8. PETE

    wtb right hand headlight case levin( no glass or reflector)

    ok guys help a fellow brother out.looking for a headlight casing to use as an air duct. let me knnow wat u got..
  9. PETE

    wheel weights....

    ok guys looking at getting new rims shortly but want them to be light. post up wat wheels and weights u know of
  10. PETE

    Best place to buy CW & Ps????

    ok guys I need some new gears. where does everyone shop? 4.5 is wat im after cheers pete
  11. PETE

    Wtb zenki LSD disc axle or axles

    Ok peeps wat u got? Need one cos I snapped the pretzel lol. Will pay for postage or pick up
  12. PETE

    AE86 hubs 10mm wider track

    hey mate im interested in a pair of these,maybe two. John delazy on this forum has bought them from u,can u help me out? cheers pete
  13. PETE

    Wanted: Big port rwd inlet manifold

    Hey guys in chasing a big port rwd manifold with everything on it.The retard I bought the 71 off has taking off all the vaccum manifolds and stuff... Help me out guys:)
  14. PETE

    Does any body know marvis?

    Ok ppl does anyone know this guy on the forum and where he is? I've paid for parts over two weeks ago an still haven't recieved parcel or a simple PM from this guy. I'm starting to wonder why the 86 community is heading this way. I'm loosing my faith real fast
  15. PETE

    cruise july 1st??

    any of the HR boys thinking of going?
  16. PETE

    Steering Rack Components for the DIY

    Ok guys since I kind of do everything myself I decided I should share some knowledge. I've recently rebuild basically my whole steering rack,so heres so Part numbers and photos for ya. Part Numbers 45522-10021 steering bush $55 toyota.... This is where it goes As u can see its an...
  17. PETE

    4 into 1 vs 4-2-1 extractors pros and cons?

    Righto ppl im gonna redo my extractors again cos im not happy with wat ive got currently running 4-2-1 but was just wondering wat ppls thoughts were on 4 into 1???
  18. PETE

    Pete's 86 take two

    Well guys after one wednesday night trip to the coast,i bought shanyo's baby for a revival in the near future :D couldnt let her go to waste, still undecided wat im doing with this car, the missus wants it full track so i dont wreck mine. see was a non roller so i had to remove the...
  19. PETE


    Anyone got a contact for me where i can purchase this.. wanna paint my diff in it
  20. PETE


    WANTED s or t series diff complete nsw area t series doesnt need lsd centre can pm or txt me on 0407073298