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  1. Dai 86


    any chance we can get a possible timeline on when the annual might be? so i can have my car ready, coz i really really want to go this time around.
  2. Dai 86

    D.I.Y. Paint tech. product of pure awsome.

    well did some work on the car today with a tiny D.I.Y. to go with it. step 1 strip the door step 2 blow the door off and clean it. step3 buzz down the edges and any imperfections in the paint. step 4 rub it over with a scotch bright. step 5 blow it off and clean it...
  3. Dai 86

    wow SA!

    WOW the SA sections gone to shit where is every one?
  4. Dai 86


    Hey HR Crew Does any one have the hot version Ae86 club DVD's 1-8? Willing to burn me a copy? or Up load them to be downloaded? dose any one know where to get HYPER REVS magazines from??
  5. Dai 86

    R/H front window stip

    need a R/H front window stip cheers Dai
  6. Dai 86

    wiring diagrams

    hey HR team, looking for wiring diagrams for both 4ac and 4age 86's can any one help?
  7. Dai 86

    7-8kg front springs non coilover type righthand parker

    as said need 7-8kg front springs non coilover type drivers side parker cheers Dai
  8. Dai 86

    86 struts wanted in SA

    Aye guys, I need some struts. Willing to pay postage.... Don't need disc or calipers... in Adelaide. cheers dai
  9. Dai 86

    part numbers and info

    aint sure if this shoul dbe in here but any way i need part numbers for either model head lights and parkers and levin grill that can have the spots behind it... and any one know where to get a spacer for the w5*-4a bellhousing and for what price? cheers dai
  10. Dai 86


    STOLLEN WHEELS......... PAIR OF MA61's on a white T18 (chris's old one) now owned by some dude on 86dc username Jayman.....the wheels arnt yours give them back....chris borrowed them and then he sold them to you with out my a problem with it talk to chris or pay me $150 i...
  11. Dai 86

    fiber glass pannels

    aye guys im looking for some fiberglass pannels new/second hand in pretty ok condition....front fenders and rear hatch maybe even doors :O tell me what u got or if u know of places i can get them im in SA by the way
  12. Dai 86

    Dai 86 updated. now with 100% more awsomeness.

    History: Well got the car in QLD hmm nearly 3yrs ago now. Final cost $5000. The car cost $2500 but I got it resprayed for $2500. all mods so far have cost me about $1500 all up Engine: 4A-E apparently means it had electronic ignition (thanks steve for the clarification) Well its got a...
  13. Dai 86

    Adelaide enrolment

    Aye guys I want to try and build a closer Adelaide community. So every one in Adelaide put down your emails along with suburbs and we can share contact details with each other or put “PM for details†in your post if u aint willing to put it out there.... even if you don’t have...
  14. Dai 86

    garrett gt17 info

    aye im getting my hands on a garrett gt17 any one know much on these? its off of a 2.5 liburty.... wondering how they go on the little 1.6 4age
  15. Dai 86

    sitting in the business lounge at Adelaide air port

    Aye guys thought id inform you that I’m on my way to Tazzy for 9 days and I’m currently sitting here in the business lounge living it up on free food and drinks. ;) Yes that’s right free beer cough serve your self bar cough *arch u’d fucking love this* :P and free food. :D Suckers tho...