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  1. silentmike

    2 x Sydney 500 sunday tickets

    never mind lads, Have now sold. Thank you!
  2. silentmike

    2 x Sydney 500 sunday tickets

    The Sydney 500 this weekend? V8 Supercars... General admission passes...
  3. silentmike

    2 x Sydney 500 sunday tickets

    Hey Kids! Screwed up my order online yesterday on Ticketek & bought 2 Sunday tickets when i was meaning to buy Saturday tickets, Cost me $70 each would love to get $50 each else make an offer & we'll see what happens. Cheers, Michael pm or buzz me on 0421287601
  4. silentmike

    Stuart's GZE NEW PICS

    Still waiting for my turn at shot gun boy! Enjoy work tomorrow.. hahaha see you monday... :lol:
  5. silentmike

    Buddy involved in accident? (status: hes doing ok!)

    Well this morning i arrived at work to recieve an e-mail mid morning informing me that Stewart aka Buddy on this forum had been involved in an accident over the weekend... I'm hoping someone on here knows him as i am wanting to know his condition & hoping he is on the mend!! Anyone hav any...
  6. silentmike

    HR Annual 2007 [HISTORY : Summary] Oran Park GP

    I shall be there!! Andrew you must not let me forget this year!!!!!!!! lol Although as you know i will be Hachiless... :cry: Who knows what i may have... if anything... :|
  7. silentmike

    NSW - 4AGZE AE86... mint body! buy it!

    Cheers, bro... let me know when you want to go get ya new ps open to offers kiddies...
  8. silentmike

    NSW - 4AGZE AE86... mint body! buy it!

    Well yes it is finally official... it is for sale... i'm going to post it here 1st to se if some one deservid of it will buy else it will be advertised else where... I'm wanting $11kish so hit me up if your interested... the...
  9. silentmike

    Drift Australia 2007 Official

    Was a good weekend, I just can't get over how expensive aussie motor sport is, I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow & while i'm there i will be going to the final day of D1, it is costing me $25 to get in & that is a grand stand seat, It was costing poeple $40 on sunday & that was to stand on some...
  10. silentmike

    obligatory happy new year mofos thread!

    hmmm not that i know of but it is possible... he just bought a EVO in red...
  11. silentmike

    Cool Youtube Videos Thread (not car related)

    man where was this thread last night... andrew & i were sending all kind of shit around... :twisted:
  12. silentmike

    obligatory happy new year mofos thread!

    hmmm justinfox... you wouldn't happen to know a bloke by the name of Simon Townsend would you??
  13. silentmike

    For Xmas I gave her...

    bahahaha... rocking!!
  14. silentmike

    Mccclaaaneeeee!!, Die Hard 4 trailer

    i love the die hard movies!!! bring the shit as arch said... release date?
  15. silentmike

    Id be one pissed off Lotus Elise owner!

    A similar thing happened at a certain work shop i work with in volving a Peugeot 306... it ended up on it's side with smashed glass & shit everwhere... customer walked in & laughed from what i have
  16. silentmike

    D1GP Round 7 @ Fuji RESULTS! + D1 World championship!? :D
  17. silentmike

    Selena spice schoolgirl

    zzzziiinnnnggggg!!!!!! i wana see tha muffsss!!!!!
  18. silentmike

    Taxi Touge aka Bathurst

    woooo=hooooo i'm drunk.... was a good race!!!
  19. silentmike

    Camshafts! Whos got what in what????

    what computer will you be running... for some reason i though 288's were to agressive...
  20. silentmike

    Taxi Touge aka Bathurst

    remember the days when he ran his own team which was sponsored by playstation or something similar... he sucked the big one... big nose twat... tee-hee