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  1. adamant

    Racing Sims

    Rfactor 2 is not too far away. Looks amazing. I agree with Xero, I can't get into those other games due to the physics not being realistic enough. My home track, Teretonga, in Rfactor I can manage roughly the same lap times as our group A AE86...
  2. adamant

    takai's IPRA Levin

    Brilliant, I was thinking about doing that too. Good work!
  3. adamant

    takai's IPRA Levin

    And you just ruined that by starting a new page!! :x :x Haha
  4. adamant

    My Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-apeX

    X2. Awesome looking car dude, rocks those Rota's. I was trying to decide if I liked them, proved it there.
  5. adamant

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    sucks big dude, I remember reading all the shit you had with that panel beater on Garage Dori. Shame another 86 dies. Parting it out?
  6. adamant

    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Looking awesome Pete, Can you chuck some pics up of how you did the quick release bumper connections when you get a chance, I'm keen to do similar to mine. Cheers
  7. adamant

    Annual 2011

    Champion!!! Was getting sick of reading through that bullshit.
  8. adamant

    Aluminium Floor Plates

    Yeah I tried Evan, haven't heard back. Even some dimensions would be awesome, so I can draw it up in CAD and get some made.
  9. adamant

    Aluminium Floor Plates

    Hey, Can someone help me out, I'm trying to track down some pics, dimensions of those aluminium floot plates/mates. I want to bend some up myself, and some good pics, dimensions would be awesome. Cheers Guys
  10. adamant

    Epic build thread :D

    Gutted that it's not finished. Just been through it all. Amazing
  11. adamant

    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    With those seats right forward could anyone get into the back seats? Looking fucking tops bro!
  12. adamant

    Coupe de ville, PIC UPDATE TODAY

    Still has 86 chassis rails..............
  13. adamant

    Hachi Levin - Ugly on the outside

    Beautiful. Well done man, looks fantastic!!!! Thinking my blue needs revisited.....
  14. adamant

    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    Kiwi Represent!!!
  15. adamant

    The Daily Spam Thread - Talkin' sh*t since 2010

    I'm coming over in April, but pretty sure bumpers don't qualify as carry on???
  16. adamant


  17. adamant

    Altezza Vector

    Awesome, that's what we're after, cheers man
  18. adamant

    Altezza Vector

    Hey, Does anyone have a vector outline of an altezza? Kinda like the one I used for the rally car liveries. Cheers
  19. adamant

    Otaku's AE86 Daily

    Head gasket?