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    maybe a repost, but some wont have seen it i certainly hadnt i love the sound of a worked K motor!! i wish i never sold my ke20.. :cry: edit: forgot the link haha
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    Jap street drift inc josh

    dunno if this is a repost, prolly is but.. see a flash of josh at the start, and see him tackle an s bend at 6:00 enjoy.
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    86 drift on ebisu

    could it be matts coupe before it came to aus? :P
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    Can someone in MELB check out a car for me pretty please :)

    Hi Im Tammie, Arch's fiance :) Getting sick of asking what car i can have and what i cant and getting that stuffed around and missing out on the ones i like. Well ive finally found one that i love and not gonna let it get away. I was wondering if someone can please have a look at it for...
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    Can someone in MELBOURNE check out a car for me

    Hey all Victorians/Melbournites There is a car in Melb that im interested in buying for my girlfriend, and i was wondering if anyone could have a quick look at it for me, just to save me a waste of a trip if its junk. This is the car...
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    S2000 with ITBs

    listen to the ROAR :)
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    Drivers license prank

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    Merry Christmas to all HR lads

    Merry christmas all, hope you got some nice gear I got a nice drill, some new dvs shoes, a jag watch, some dvds, plenty of chocolates and more. now to head off for food and many drinks have a safe one everybody! -love arch :)
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    A ref that actually does something good fight too :)
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    Performance Tyre Guide

    So far on this forum we havent compiled a good tyre guide. This will be a compilation of everyones tyre experiences which can be used to help decide which tyres suit which needs. Please be detailed, reporting on what the tyre was used for and how it performed in different areas. When...
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    Eyelet Bolts for Harness

    Hey all, i need 4 eyelet bolts for one of my harnesses. I went to a few places, the only place that had them was revolution racegear, they wanted $36 for 4. If anyone knows where i can get em cheaper, please let me know, thanks Just like in the picture:
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    Does anyone in NSW want parts from SA?

    When i come up for the annual meet in december, ill have some space in my car to carry parts. If anyone is keen on something in SA between now and the event, you can wire me the funds and ill pick up the goods (providing its not too heavy ie no engines and pref not gearboxes but maybe)...
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    People in Newcastle! Can someone do me a favour?

    Hey all in newcastle I want to purchase some rims for my corolla, but they are in newcastle. I was wondering if i could pay someone nearby $20 to pick them up, and then bring them to the track in dec where i could pick them up? Or post them to me for which i would pay more money...
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    Does anyone in SA want a brand new VELO GP90?

    Ok im going to purchase in the near future, 1 VELO gp90. The seats are around $850 or so + rail on their own, or i can get a pair with rails included for $1500. If anyone would like to get their hands on one with a rail for $750 then go halves with me. If your wondering what seat it is...
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    WTB: Watanabe or other jap rim in 4x100 high offset

    To suit my AE82, want some 14/15" rims in at least 6" width, high offset some watanabes would be great, anyone got anything?
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    Yep thats right im running out of rego in a few days and im not re-registering it till december, just gonna go for a hillsy about 9pm on friday night ill send out some sms too, if u wanna come call me! 040 1337 020 8)
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    Trueno hits a wall

    in the US im guessing
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    Crazy Taxi

    Watch this hilarious japanese prank, they get a new worker to deliver some documents, but his taxi driver is a stunt driver. very funny :)
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    Attention people in Melbourne!

    Hey all My girlfriend Tammie is very interested in purchasing a car in melbourne, in particular an AE92 Corolla GTi. The car is for sale on carsales, link...
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    Ive decided to keep my 16v smallport, rebuild it and add some parts im keen for quads, adaptor plate to suit smallport, some cams which provide good midrange torque, and a full replacement ECU. if you happen to see any for sale link me up! cheers guys ;) edit: also looking for brake...