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  1. damo46

    AE86 part left overs

    Garth they're prob not in the condition you'd like but they're a good 75%
  2. damo46

    autronic sm3

    Good ECU's, Im selling the exact same Autronic sm3, wired ready for the AE86 loom, though it was never used or run, with the same self tune software.
  3. damo46

    SSR Dori Mesh 15 x 7 -5 Keiichi Tsuchiya

    What's that gotta do with what I'm selling? How about you get Seamus to fill your ass with what you like best you brown tongue. Don't post in my thread.
  4. damo46

    SSR Dori Mesh 15 x 7 -5 Keiichi Tsuchiya

    are you interested okaku?
  5. damo46

    AE86 part left overs

    Up for sale i have a few bits and pieces. I havent been on the forums for a while, so they price seems abit steep on some items let me know. All these parts are off my previously imported JDM AE86 2 x IMPULSE Racing adjustable lower control arms with fully adjustable castor arm with AE86...
  6. damo46

    SSR Dori Mesh 15 x 7 -5 Keiichi Tsuchiya

    Up for sale i have a pair of SSR Dori Mesh Size 15 X 7 minus 5 offset They are in top condition apart from 5-10cm of minor gutter rash on one wheel, which wont even bother a buyer who knows exactly how rare and sort after these wheels actually are. The dish is also quite deceiving for the...
  7. damo46

    Damos Kouki Trueno

    thats a low blow, if i didnt go over to the states i would of held on to her. not cause i owned it but damn it was one of the cleanest 86's ive seen.
  8. damo46

    Damos Kouki Trueno

    Yo fellas, anyone know where my old 86 has ended up?
  9. damo46

    AE86 Parts Clearance

    Hey fellas, As you may know i just recently sold my AE86. For those you knew it, it was an extremely clean car, therefore all parts i had collected over the years are extremely clean and in working order. Location - Sydney Pickup and shipping are available on request. I was going to...
  10. damo46

    [FS] 1986 AE86 Toyota Trueno GT APEX

    All gone thanks for the kind words fellas
  11. damo46

    [FS] 1986 AE86 Toyota Trueno GT APEX

    AE86 Toyota Trueno GT APEX I think it may be time to move on, i'm somewhat uncertain - so my Trueno is up for EOI. For sale: 1986 AE86 Trueno GT APEX - Kouki model Location: Sydney Asking Price: EOI Backround: Its a 1986 Gt-Apex Kouki trueno, I purchased it in early 09. Originally...
  12. damo46

    Damos Kouki Trueno

    So i finally got it on the road & its going great. Heres some pics!
  13. damo46

    WTD: AE86 crank pulley

    Hey guys, If anyone has a crank pulley for the AE86 4AGE with power steer. Thankyou
  14. damo46

    Rare TRD Group A Cams

    for 16valvle or 20valve?
  15. damo46

    Nardi Steering wheel!

  16. damo46

    Nardi Steering wheel!

    Brand new nardi wheel! Never been used! $250 0415497661 Located in Sydney will ship at buyers expense
  17. damo46

    Apexi power fc to suit 4age

    This was SOLD ages ago!
  18. damo46

    Blacktop 20V, Bottom end complete!

    Up for sale i have a Blacktop 20v bottom end complete with -Pistons -Rods -Crank -Block -Sump -Oil Pick up -Water pump -Brackets -And sensors and other bits and pieces. It would best suit someone that wants to build an engine. $250 Located in Sydney 0415497661
  19. damo46


    I have one i can send asap!
  20. damo46

    Need T50

    I have one in tip top condition my number is 0415497661