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  1. manipula

    HR April Meet (aka Garths Birthday Surprise)

    Hehe, looks like you lot had fun! Got fucking no idea who all the faces are but it looks a laugh all the same!
  2. manipula

    anyone ran/run semi's on their street car?

    Just adding I inherited the AO48's for free of a guy who bought them for his heavily modded DC2R, and who junked them in favour of Yokohama Advan Neova LTS's ala the piccy below. Obviously in both cases these are on FWD cars and not 86's but IMO, a tire is a tire and either works or it...
  3. manipula

    anyone ran/run semi's on their street car?

    I ran both Toyo T1-R's and S's, as well as Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's on my old Pulsar Gti thing. Eagle's lasted best and were really impressive, but the sidewalls were a bit flexy for that car and hindered turn in by 10%. The old Toyo S's were the best of the lot when a few months from being...
  4. manipula

    What did you buy today?

    Which flash gun is that Matt? Hit me up on das Flickr if you want any tips or ideas... ;)
  5. manipula

    Spiritual AE86 Successor

    It was in this week's Autocar in the UK too. clicky If this is real baby Jesus is crying fucking blood right now. Flat fours, 4WD possibilites, turbos FFS! :cry:
  6. manipula

    [PICS] SCT Early Morning shoot

    Cool shots. Did you just go before opening or ask for permission? And what's the last car, I don't recognise it (still a noob to Aus/NZ cars) :(???
  7. manipula

    New Zonda in the pipeline??

    Stolen from a guy on my UK car forum, who'd nicked it from some other forum he frequented where someone said: The chap on my forum then Googled a bit for a Zonda C9 and found these links... Clicky 1 and Clicky 2 Now. One of the chaps on that forum mentioned that the '12' from...
  8. manipula

    Bracing! How much is to much?

    I'm no mechanic whatsoever but I did a fair bit of metalurgy in my earlier time in engineering, strikes me as a bolt under a side load like that isn't too clever, particularly once under load when they're tightened. :? The sheer load a bolt can stand when it's done up tight like a drum isn't...
  9. manipula

    My AE86

    I just did a sex wee. 8)
  10. manipula

    drifting vid

    PMSL! 8) :lol:
  11. manipula

    HR Glorious SPAM THREAD!!!!!

    And we got our stuff delivered from the UK last Fri finally. Four and half months since it left the UK, and the cunts turned up and dropped it off with half of it broken. Including a 7ft tall bookcase that was brand new and flatpacked, which came out of a 3ft by 4ft package, snapped in half. The...
  12. manipula

    Weight distribution.

    Anyone know what the front to rear weight distribution is for a standard car? That's weight distribution as in the 50:50 BMW aim for say... And following on from that, does anyone have any idea what the distribution is for cars which are renound for handling well, such as Tsuchiya's 86? Been...
  13. manipula

    Bracing! How much is to much?

    Can I ask a daft question, seeing as the only bracing I've ever done to a car was a welded on front strut brace... Does the average strut brace have anything to sleeve the metal at the point where the bolt holes are? Or is it just a hole through the plate and bolts hold it down passing...
  14. manipula

    The Movie Review Thread: The movies you must see

    Watched Death Proof last week: fucking rocks! Others: Blood Diamonds 21 Grams Lost in Translation Last King of Scotland Jaws (original) Vanishing Point Lucky Number Slevin Kill Bill I and II Matrix Trilogy Fargo Miller's Crossing Bourne Trilogy Austin Powers films Notes on a...
  15. manipula

    New Zealand AE86 Meet

    I'll get my coat. :( ;)
  16. manipula

    New Zealand AE86 Meet

    <cough> Are we allowed links without getting birched? :? </cough>
  17. manipula

    F20C into Ae86 Discussion

    I've been led to believe by various people who should know what they're on about that getting an NA SR20 to start hitting decent power (the two I've had have been 130 and 150 bhp) is like banging your head against a brick wall. These numerous people hinted that the design of the head isn't great...
  18. manipula

    F20C into Ae86 Discussion

    This swap seems like the perfect idea to me. From a lot of reading I've been doing, isn't there a shop in the States that's making a buy it now kit that mounts the engine in such a way such that you don't have to cut the tunnel? I think the downside to that is that it sits really far forward...
  19. manipula

    New Zealand AE86 Meet

    I didn't even know it was happening... :( Cool cars though! :D
  20. manipula

    Best hillclimb ever?

    None of this shitty 40 seconds rubbish, try learning the line for your corners for this 10min beast! :o :lol: Clicky I've watched this lots of times and I cannot get my head round how you could learn this. There must be more corners than something like the Ring, and yet you wouldn't be...