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  1. adamant

    Aluminium Floor Plates

    Hey, Can someone help me out, I'm trying to track down some pics, dimensions of those aluminium floot plates/mates. I want to bend some up myself, and some good pics, dimensions would be awesome. Cheers Guys
  2. adamant

    Altezza Vector

    Hey, Does anyone have a vector outline of an altezza? Kinda like the one I used for the rally car liveries. Cheers
  3. adamant


    Anyone know anything about this car? or at least what these rims are?
  4. adamant

    Old Skool Gold

    Stumbled across these 1989 Japan Cup Slalom 1989 All Japan Dirt Trial Enjoy
  5. adamant

    Work Wheels

    RIght, who can tell me what these wheels are?? Cheers guys Adam
  6. adamant

    KE70 Photoshop

    Hey, Does anyone have a photoshop file, or 3 view of a KE70? Looking for a base to create another rally paint scheme. Cheers, Adam
  7. adamant

    4x4 rims

    Hey guys, It may have been asked before, but is there any reason why I couldn't pick up these rims super cheap,, then put any other centre in them, like SSR meshies etc. 8.5 wide rims are hard to come by in NZ, but 6.5 are super easy...
  8. adamant

    Rally Car Livery

    Hey guys. I have been doing some liverys for a mate of mine who has just finished rebuilding his AE86 rally car. The car will end up like one of these. Thought I would get some expert opinions on them. Let me know what you like, dislike etc. The first is my favourite, the second isn't...
  9. adamant

    Pic Request, AE86 Levin Hatch

    Hey guys, I'm after a pic like this one, But of an AE86 Levin Hatch. Looking at trying some paint schemes in photoshop. If anyone has something like this, let me know. Cheers, Adam
  10. adamant

    Trans-Tasmin event?????

    Hey guys. Just thought I'd make a mention on here in case of any of you Ozzie boys or girls are planning to be in NZ, or would come over for (haha jokes). All details here
  11. adamant

    Does anyone know anything about this car

    Does anyone know anything about this car? I know it's a long shot but.... Cheers
  12. adamant

    Speedo Cluster Issues

    Hey. After finally getting my car warranted and on the road, my speedo cluster has got some faults of of a sudden. Like the fuel gauge doesn't work, battery and engine check lights don't come on ever, and the temp gauge has stopped working. Also, not sure if this is a related issue, the...
  13. adamant

    Adamant's 86

    Here's my 86 I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Specs Engine 4age big port blue top. 4agze decked block. 20V crank and rods. Oversized pistons. TRD metal head gasket. TRD valve springs. 304 lift cams (I will add the rest of the specs later). Adjustable cam pulleys. Ported...