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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

    Well, has been a little while since my last update hasn't it? Been a little bit going on, got the car tuned after rebuilding the head. Made a monstrous 66.6kw at the wheels. Don't pretend you're not impressed! The 55.5kw line shows where we messed up and had the cam timing off a tooth (oops)...
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    Clowpow AE86 Levin

    Looking good mate, keep up the good work!
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    AE86 Image Appreciation Thread

    Love the rally ae86's. So good! And you Irish blokes aren't afraid to drive them proper hard!
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    GrpA Ae86

    So very awesome dude!
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    lsd diffs

    Important to note that helical diffs "open up" if you have a wheel off the ground. So basically no good for track if you're going to be taking a bit of curb, and no good for hillclimbs/dirt/tarmac rallies where you have uneven surfaces, mid corner bumps, etc. Basically unless both wheels are on...
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    Cam timing

    That seems a bit low - I would expect more like 70rwkw for a stock bigport or smallport. That being said, all dyno's read different so it might just be a calibration issue. Also, did they rev it out? I had a guy dyno my old carbed 4age and he wouldn't rev it past 6k cos it was "too noisy in the...
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    Don't worry Pete, if you're gone already I can take your car out to the annual for a run - you know, just cos I'm a great bloke
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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

    Cheers Dave - why do you think the 195/60 is better? Just the extra footprint? Or do you think the bigger sidewall is beneficial?
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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

    Not much has happened with this lately - raced up at Kempsey at the Mt Cooperabung hillclimb, resulting in a fried clutch (luckily made it the 3 hour drive home!) Once I got home I got hold of a Driftculture flywheel and put the car into Newcastle Gearbox and Diff to have it installed with a HD...
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    And so it begins....

    In NSW you need to be part of a registered car club (most areas have one) and you are only allowed limited mods that are "period" (twin carbs, period wheels, etc are generally about it for the MGs in our club as an example) or for safety (i.e. cages, brake upgrades, etc.). Here it is up to the...
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    I want it daily!

    Looking good mate! Keen to see it on the 13's!
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    Cass' Drift Hack

    Looking good mate, keep up the good work!
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    Wedding Car

    That's super cool! I drove myself, my best man and my groomsman to my wedding in my ADM ae86 - my wife chose a Bentley, haha Congratulation on your wedding, Hope you have many happy years together!
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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

    Hey Dave I like the look of 13's but have discovered that the new Advan A050 comes in a 185/55r14, so will likely go with those when the current tyres are done Currently running an adjustable rear swaybar (Whiteline), need to talk to you about some short stroke shocks for the front actually
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    Nat's ADM Custard Hillclimber

    Been a while since the last update! Been basically buying up gear and trying to get the thing out and drive it as much as I can. I bought a pair of JDM front seats and door trims from Craig at Just JDM (cheers mate!) and fitted those up over the last couple of weeks: You can also see my...
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    Great times for those tyres for sure mate! Considering they aren't a semi slick. Are you having issues with the front end bottoming out?
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    Anastasios 70 + 71

    Nice driving and nice times! What tyres did you run at Wakefield? I've got Federal 595 currently, thinking of going to A050's when they are done
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Damn, looking good Pete! Wish I had your patience!
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    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    Sexy times! I want to do something similar, perhaps when I have a bit bigger shed, lol. You have any luck finding another block?
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    NSW - Pair MINT Recaro LX Mesh Headrest + Seatrails suit ae86

    Seats are gooone! Rails still available, make an offer! Will consider splitting if I can sell both sides, cheers