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    Complete 4AGE Engine Inc loom ecu etc.

    For sale is an complete 4AGE engine from an AE82, 200,000KMS old. $500 Was running great before pulling it out. Includes: Starter motor (new in 2015) Alternator (new in 2013) ECU Complete 4AGE loom Items located in Mernda VIC 3754 Message 0421031166 if interested Photos in the...
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    Brand New AE86 - 48 Original KM's 1986 Levin Coupe, untouched with 48KM's on the odo (Original Bluetop Engine, only have been turned on once) Snippet Probably a repost, but have to say, wow. I wouldn't have the patience like...
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    Removing crankshaft bolt on a FWD 4AC (AE82)

    Now having problems taking the bastard of a crankshaft pulley bolt off, having troubles finding a method to hold the pulley so it does not move while removing the bolt. Tried the starter jog method as a last resort, but no dice, the bolt is on very tight...
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    Hey guys, Car is a 1988 AE82 Corolla worth a try asking here as Ae86's share the 4A-C Engine, I'm a bit stumped as to what to do: Car regulary goes to 75% – 90% on the temp gauge after driving on the freeway then driving really slow or in stop / start traffic in an extended period...
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    Question about years of introduction.

    At first I thought AE82's were released about 1985 to May 1989, but that was for Aussie models. Were FWD released at the same time as the AE86 (1983)? As I noticed that US versions has a few 1984 models. - Zoneout
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    1983 Levin, mint condition. Seems to be an motor show, I wonder if it was an original stock or restored. hmm..