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  1. ryebred_06

    WTB: Silvertop Coil Pack

    Hey, Chasing a silvertop coil pack, Contact: 0412052575 cheers,
  2. ryebred_06

    JDM Ae86 Calipers

    Hey, After JDM Ae86 Calipers. cheers,
  3. ryebred_06

    Handbrake cables

    Thanks mate I'll look into it
  4. ryebred_06

    Handbrake cables

    hey, installed a t series but have issues with the handbrake. Are the ADM cables longer? should i find jdm cables? cheers
  5. ryebred_06

    T Series Diff Leaking

    hey lads, yet to put this in but noticed that the left side is leaking. could it just be a seal problem? and can i just get the replacements from toyota/cbc? cheers
  6. ryebred_06

    TRD 2 way rebuild kits?

    Dude nice! not sure how i missed it! thanks bro
  7. ryebred_06

    TRD 2 way rebuild kits?

    Anyone know of where I can find a TRD 2 way rebuild kit? Looked on but no luck. Cheers Cheers
  8. ryebred_06

    Toyota Formuling steering wheel horn

    Hey the link is ended? Are you selling or you can across this?
  9. ryebred_06

    [ACT] Toyota 86 - ZN6 Single Exhaust System

    Price - $800.00 **ONLY 3 months old. Paid 1200. Still in good condition.*** Good for a street or track use. Single exhaust system for sale. 2 1/2" Custom made exhaust system with centre resonator and rear sports muffler. Straight bolt in system and performance increase. Loud but not...
  10. ryebred_06

    WTB: T Series with discs and LSD

    Is that incl. tailshaft? also how much would it be to post to Canberra ACT? Cheers
  11. ryebred_06

    WTB: T Series with discs and LSD

    Hey, Chasing a T Series with LSD and discs. Cheers,
  12. ryebred_06

    Standard Liberty B4 BBS's

    Hey, Anybody tried to fit standard BBS's from a liberty B4 on a ZN6? Cheers
  13. ryebred_06

    Traction Control :S

    Sweet ill give that a try. Cheers
  14. ryebred_06

    Traction Control :S

    Hey, My TCS keeps coming on when i turn it off..and say drop the clutch. i break for a moment then it automatically comes on. is that normal?
  15. ryebred_06

    Ae86 Festival...

    Yep I would be taking an ae86..otherwise ill take the zn6 if I get it in time :P
  16. ryebred_06

    Ae86 Festival...

    anybody from CBR keen on going to the 86 festival? be cool to get a crew together... cheers
  17. ryebred_06

    Slotted rotors issues

    Spoke to some dudes at the brake shop and they said that i need calipers that fitted slotted vented rotors... Anybody know where i can some calipers to suit slotted vented rotors? i know of FC Brakes but i just want something bolt in. If not ill go with the alternative cheers