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  1. Ped Rac3r

    4 Link Boxes

    Whose making and or selling equal length 4 Link boxes these days? I see Techno is but they're boxes look a bit average compared to the Ueo ones, but they're hard to get by themselves.
  2. Ped Rac3r

    4AGE 16valve TPS specifications

    Okay I'm not trying to adjust the position of the TPS as of yet, Ive browsed the forums and seen on how to do that. What I'm doing is I am wiring in a LINK ecu. Now I need to know like the factory specs of the terminals in the TPS, as I need to find out which two terminals have a fixed...
  3. Ped Rac3r

    Ped Rac3r's AE85 Build thread

    So I have owned this car for nearly 2 years now. Picked it up as a AE85 with a small port 4AGE, Supra W58 gearbox, Hilux rear w/LSD, white line sway bars front and rear, Kei Office Coilovers in the front, 9kg springs front and rear, AE86 brakes in the front and S13 brakes rear and a bolt in...
  4. Ped Rac3r

    RWD alternator bracket

    Hey guys, after a RWD 4AGE alternator bracket. Im in NZ, but happy to pay shipping. Cheers!
  5. Ped Rac3r

    Engine Problems

    So Ive got the engine back in to my 86, engine is a small port 4AGE from a AE92 (JDM), and now something isnt right. It was running perfectly fine before the engine removal so obviously Ive missed or damaged something within that time, hoping someone here might have some ideas. After about 6...